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Issue 241 - May, 26th 2016

Check out the video section for more hand picked sessions. I'll probably link to a few more next week.
Bob Kepford, editor.


Ready to Serve

Megan Sanicki on becoming the new Executive Director of the Drupal Association. "After five and a half years of serving the Drupal community as a Drupal Association staff member, I’m honored (and thrilled!) to step into the Executive Director role. This community is magical. Your generosity, kindness, and drive to create something meaningful together inspire me every day."

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10 Things I Learned Building in Drupal 8

Sean Hamlin has worked on two fresh builds of Drupal 8. In this post, he describes some of the neat things he found during this time and some of the lessons he learned.

Rebuilding POP in D8 - Development Environments

We aren't talking about email. Greg Dunlap discusses setting up a Drupal 8 site for local development. There are several useful tips in this post on the Lullabot blog.

The Complexity

An absolutely fabulous post about the complexity of and what it would take to migrate some of d.o's infrastructure to Github by Drupal Association CTO Joshua Mitchell. If you dig venn diagrams and mind maps you will enjoy this very much.

Github's New Unlimited Private Repositories + Automated Deployments!

Now that Github is offering unlimited private repositories for only $7, it couldn't be more affordable to start leveraging deployment automation. Stop deploying manually and instead focus more on innovating!


A Quicker Way to Apply a Drupal / Contrib Patch

A great contribution tip for quickly applying patches from from Damien McKenna.

Adding a Role to a User Programmatically in Drupal 8

Jeff Geerling shows us how to do this task in Drupal 8.

Deploying Drupal Sites with Docker Compose

Get Your Libraries and Breakpoint Information from the UI

"Have you ever tried to get data from your libraries and/or breakpoints in Drupal 8 ? Drupal 8 core does not provide a UI for this information. And sometimes it's nice to have the ability to know your data from the UI."

How to Craft Custom Theme Hook Suggestions and Templates in Drupal 8

Get the Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8 - Updated for Drupal 8.1

Significant improvements have been added to Drupal 8.1, including an experimental UI for migrations from Drupal 6 and 7, the BigPipe module for improved user experience through faster perceived performance, support for JavaScript automated testing, and backwards-compatible API additions for developers. Read our Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8.1 to learn more!

How to Use Pathauto in Drupal 8

In this OSTraining post learn how to set up automatic path aliases on your Drupal 8 site.


admin_toolbar 8.x-1.15

Api 7.x-1.14

commerce_kickstart 7.x-2.37

Context 7.x-3.7

Drupal VM 3 Is Here!

Nice new features and speed improvements for my favorite Drupal development environment.

Ds 8.x-2.4

entity_redirect 8.x-1.2

instagram_social_feed 7.x-1.4

Lightning 7.x-1.0-Beta11

Quiz 7.x-5.0-Rc1

twitter_block 8.x-2.1



Wim Leers and Fabianx explain what BigPipe is and why you should care. In case you missed this it's already in Drupal 8.1.x.

Configuration Management for Developers in Drupal 8

An excellent look into the Configuration Management system from Mathew Tift and Alex Pott. They start with the basic concepts and dive into examples. I think this is the best talk about the subject I have seen yet.

PHP 7: The New New PHP

Crell talks about PHP 7. I shouldn't need to say more.

Using Paragraphs to Weave a Beautiful Content Tapestry

A really solid presentation that threads the needle of being approachable for beginners as well as relevant for experts. Les Lim and David Needham introduce the Paragraphs module and show how they use it in the context of a full site build. The content is relevant for both Drupal 7 and 8.


DrupalEasy Podcast: New Orleans Day 2

Lullabot Podcast: DrupalCon New Orleans Wrap–Up


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