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Issue 227 - February, 18th 2016


8.1.0 Will Be Released April 20; Beta Begins March 2

In Memoriam: Richard Burford

Last week the Drupal community lost Richard Burford. "Richard was 36 years young with a wife and 3 children. He was the sole income earner for the family so a fundraising campaign has been started to help out his family during these difficult times; please consider contributing."

Reminder: Drupal 6, 7, and 8 Core Security Release Window Moved to February 24

Time to Submit Summer of Code Proposals!

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Limited Number of DrupalCon Asia Tickets to Be Sold on Site

"On Thursday morning starting at 8:00, there will be twenty-five DrupalCon tickets available, as well as five Summit tickets (total — not five tickets per summit)."

First North American Project Management Track

Help Make the Site Building Track Memorable

Let the DevOps Roll

User Experience Design with Drupal and Beyond


Turning Drupal Outside-In

In this post from Dries Buytaert he acknowledges the push back on selecting a standard Javascript framework for Drupal core and refocuses the discussion on keeping Drupal relevant and improving the user experience. It's well worth reading as are the comments.

A RESTless Week

Wim Leers outlines his recent work on Drupal 8's REST issue queues, and documentation. A great review to check out if you want to dive into Web Services in Drupal 8.

Drupal Association Membership Drive 2015 Recap

"During the campaign period, we saw 10% overall growth in our membership (3,266 to 3,590 members). For the last two years over this same period of time, we had seen 1% growth in membership. Last year’s growth is a huge win."

Read the Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8

Architected for developer productivity with support for object-oriented web development, PHP, Symfony, and more, Drupal 8 makes development easier than ever before. With 200+ new features and improvements, it’s the most advanced version of Drupal yet - read Acquia’s Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8 to get up to speed on all of the exciting changes.

Removing Arbitrary Barriers to Participation

"It is time for the Drupal community to catch up the rest of the open source world and drop the module review process from"


Create Git Diffs with Proper Function Context

Display Paragraphs Edge-to-Edge Using Bootstrap in Drupal 8

In this WebWash video and text tutorial you will see how to use the Paragraphs module to meet a common design requirement.

Drupal 8 Paths Inconsistencies

A tip for new Drupal 8 site building tasks regarding paths from Michael Anello.

Drupal 8: Internal Page Cache and Internal Dynamic Page Cache

Drupal Bits and Bytes: How to Add Content in an Update Hook

Ryan Gibson shows us how we can use update hooks to automate deployment of content.

Estimating Drupal Projects

A collection of articles on the subject of Drupal project estimation and planning curated by Pixelite

How to Use the Command Line to Increase Speed of Development

For those who have been doing web development for many years, the command line is still a go-to place to get things done quickly without the distraction that a dedicated application sometimes provides. In this webinar, hear about how to use the command line to get things done faster, including using Git via the command line along with the aid of visual tweaks, managing Drupal sites with drush, and more.

Image Styles and Sizes in Drupal 8


A Lot of Exciting Drupal 8 Media News!

An update on Media module progress from Janez Urevc

Announcing the Drupal VM Config Generator

OpenDevShop: Drupal Cloud Hosting

"DevShop is a "cloud hosting" system for Drupal. DevShop makes it easy to host, develop, test and update drupal sites. It provides a front-end built in Drupal (Devmaster) and a back-end built with drush (DevShop Provision)."


Cas 7.x-1.5

Cdn 7.x-2.7

Cod 7.x-1.0

Commons 7.x-3.34

config_src 8.x-1.0

Ds 7.x-2.13

imagecache_actions 7.x-1.6

menu_attributes 7.x-1.0

Og 7.x-2.8

Panels 8.x-3.0-Beta4

Restful 7.x-2.6

Speedy 7.x-1.22

Video 8.x-1.2

workbench_moderation 8.x-1.0-Beta1


Drupal 8 Contrib Module Development with Dave Reid, Juampy NR, & Andrew Berry - Lullabot Podcast

DrupalEasy Podcast 168 - Spooning with a Fork (Jen Lampton, Nate Haug - Backdrop Update)

Talking Drupal #113 - D6 End of Life

The Secret Sauce Podcast, Ep. 05

Using the Block Visibility Groups Module as a Lightweight Replacement for Context and Panels in Drupal 8 with Ted Bowman - Modules Unraveled Podcast


Come to Drupal at the Beach - Sandcamp 2016

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be speaking at Sandcamp at the end of this month. It's a great event in San Diego, California with training, community sessions and parties. The festivities begin on February 24th and run until the 27th.


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