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Issue 224 - January, 28th 2016


BigPipe in Drupal 8.1: Please Test!

You've likely heard of BigPipe. Even if you haven't there is a need to test it out since it's going into core in 8.1.

Coding Standards Proposals for Final Discussion

If you care about community code(and you should) be sure to check this out and add your 2 cents.

Attend a Sprint at One of the 40 Drupal Global Sprint Weekend Locations, January 30 and 31!

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Application Period Open for Grants and Scholarships to DrupalCon New Orleans

DrupalCon New Orleans Registration Is Open! Get Your Ticket Today.


Should Drupal Add (Another) JS Framework Into Core? Not in the Name of UX.

Please, please read this post from Lewis Nyman about the JS framework for Drupal discussion. It's right on target and really pushes us to apply what we tell our clients to this discussion.

Get Issues You Care About Ready for Global Sprint Weekend

As usual, great tips from YesCT.

Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8: Everything You Need to Know

Architected for developer productivity with support for object-oriented web development, PHP, Symfony, and more, Drupal 8 makes development easier than ever before. With 200+ new features and improvements, it’s the most advanced version of Drupal yet - read Acquia’s Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8 to get up to speed on all of the exciting changes.

Web Services 101

"In this 4-part series, Larry Garfield ... will discuss what you can do with Web services in Drupal 8. This includes capabilities that are in Drupal 8 core, and those that are in contributed modules."


Per Environment Config in Drupal 8

As we are all learning how to work with Drupal 8 be sure to check out this great tip on managing your configuration from Dave Hall.

Composer Dependencies in Drupal Contrib

Tim Millwood discusses multiple ways to handle dependencies in Drupal 8 including the Composer Manager module.

Configuring CloudFlare with Drupal 8 to Protect the Pi Dramble

Jeff Geerling is doing some interesting things with Drupal 8 and this post is a cool byproduct.

Creating a Deployable Docker Image with Jenkins - Part 4 - ActiveLAMP

Drupal 8, hook_form_alter()

A simple example of a form_alter in Drupal 8 from Jordan White.

Entity Reference Views Help Drupal Content Creators

Steve Burge highlights a contrib module that helps you make the most of related content with your views.

How to Create Powerful Container Paragraphs in Drupal 8

Ivan Zugec demonstrates one of my new favorite modules in Drupal 8. The Paragraphs module.

How to Subscribe Users to MailChimp Lists in a Drupal Custom Module

A good example of when to not use a contributed module.

How to Successfully Use Branching and Development Workflow Strategies

As your software project expands, it’s important to ensure that you can still deploy code with confidence while multiple project contributors are working on many stories at the same time. Git and the branch-per-feature strategy make it easy to do this. Register for this webinar to learn how software development teams can use branch-per-feature to build release candidates that can be easily pushed into production or rebuilt as necessary, all while keeping your deployed code clean.

Manage Drupal 7 Configurations Using Features Built with Features Builder

Not sure how or why I haven't heard of or used Features Builder module before but I recommend this post from Jim Birch as in introduction.


Commerce 2.0 Alpha2 Released

Keep in mind that these alphas are not ready for production but still, it's pretty great to see the progress so quickly.

Drupal 8 Module of the Week: BigPipe

"The BigPipe module speeds up page delivery times by sending unchanging parts of a page to the browser immediately while rendering and streaming other, dynamic parts as soon as they are ready."

Entity Relationships Graph

Gizra's Brice Lenfant introduces a new module that purports to help you visualize your data relationships on existing Drupal sites. Haven't tried this out yet but I plan to very very soon.


editor_file 8.x-1.1

Metatag 7.x-1.11

Oauth 8.x-2.0

Services 7.x-3.13

user_expire 7.x-1.4

views_autocomplete_filters 8.x-1.0


152 What to Do About Drupal 6 End of Life on Feb 24th 2016 with David Snopek - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Acquia U: "Jump in and Own It. Kickstart Your Career." - Meet Amy Parker - Acquia Podcast

Acquia U: "Making the World a Better Place, One Drupalist at a Time." - with Amy Parker - Acquia Podcast

The Secret Sauce Podcast, Ep. 01

A brand new podcast from


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