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Issue 223 - January, 21st 2016


Work on Migrate UI, Frontend Testing, Bug Fixes, and More for Drupal 8.1.0

"Drupal 8.1.0 will be released on April 20, 2016, so the beta phase for Drupal 8.1.x is coming up soon! We have until February 24 to make additions for Drupal 8.1.0. (After that, new additions will go toward 8.2.0 instead, which is currently planned for release in October.)"

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Join Us at the Sprints - DrupalCon Asia

DrupalGov Summit at DrupalCon Asia

"The DrupalGov Summit aims to bring together key stakeholders from the Indian government, consulting organisations, and experts from India, UK, Australia, and the EU, to discuss how Drupal can be a powerful enabling technology for the success of the Digital India initiative."

Get Ready for DrupalCon New Orleans

"The DrupalCon New Orleans site is here and ready for you to submit your proposals for trainings, scholarships, and grants."


Crawling the Top 15,000 Drupal Websites: 2016 Edition

Kristian Polso shares the results and other interesting tidbits.

Drupal: 15 Years Old and Still Gaining Momentum

Dries Buytaert reminisces in his latest post. "On December 29, 2000, I made a code commit that would change my life; it is in this commit that I called my project "Drupal" and added the GPL license to it."

Happy Birthday, Drupal!

A retrospective of some of the incredible changes and accomplishments we made together last year from the Drupal Association. Also, if you are reading this, you should probably be a member of the Association. What are you waiting for?

My Drupal Story - How I Came for Code and Stayed for Community

Hussain Abbas share his Drupal Story.

On-Demand Webinar: Best Practices for Drupal Performance Tuning

Managing performance is not about optimizing a website once -- it needs to be included in your everyday development workflow. Download this on-demand webinar to hear how to optimize backend and frontend Drupal performance. Fabien Potencier shows how to easily profile Drupal websites and diagnose production performance problems, and Wim Leers discusses page caching, how the BigPipe technique drastically reduces load times, and more.

Performance Calendar 2015: "2013 Is Calling: Are CMSes Fast by Default Yet?"

Wim Leers shares a high level look at performance improvements in the big three CMS's in 2015. Guess which one made the most improvements?

Preparation Tips for Organizers of Local Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2016 Sprints


Drupal 8 Configuration Management Tutorial

A really good look at the Configuration Management from OSTraining.

Drush Make to the Rescue!

Dan James of Deeson shares how they are using Drush make's new support of YAML files to keep track of their patched modules.

Migrate to Drupal 8 from a Custom Site

BigPipe: The Architecture Behind the Fastest Version of Drupal Yet

Most of the time spent generating an HTML page is spent on a few personalized parts, and pages are only sent to the client after everything is rendered. Luckily, Drupal 8’s improved architecture allows for BigPipe-style rendering, which makes it possible to make the majority of a page available for interaction while Drupal generates the personalized parts. Register for this webinar to learn the ideas behind BigPipe, how to make your code BigPipe-compatible, and more.

Visual Testing for Migrations

Writing Your First Drupal Service

Lakshmi Narasimhan shows us how to write is simple service in Drupal 8 with the help of the Drupal Console project.


Drupal 8 Module of the Week: Services

Drupal, Hippies and Backend Restrictions

A look at the Apps Entity Restrictions module, a module that integrates with the RESTful module and allows you to manage 3rd party applications so they only have access to the resources you choose.


big_pipe 8.x-1.0-Beta3

commerce_kickstart 7.x-2.32

Ds 7.x-2.12

Ds 8.x-2.3

Garland 8.x-1.0-Alpha7

I love that Garland is being ported to Drupal 8.

Hacked 8.x-2.0-Beta1

instagram_social_feed 7.x-1.3

Link 7.x-1.4

mail_logger 7.x-1.2

Metatag 7.x-1.8

page_manager 8.x-1.0-Alpha22

Panels 8.x-3.0-Beta2

paragraph_panes 7.x-1.0-Beta1

Redhen 7.x-1.11

toolbar_menu 8.x-1.0

views_field_formatter 8.x-1.2


Drupal Camp Atlanta 2015: Drupal 8 and Symfony2: Not So Scary!

Drupal Camp Atlanta 2015: Leveling Up CSS with SMACSS and BEM

DrupalCamp Atlanta 2015: Learn to Create Advanced Theme Settings in Drupal- and D8!


151 Using Composer to Build Drupal Sites Fast - Modules Unraveled Podcast

If you are curious about using Composer with Drupal 8 this is the podcast episode for you. As usual Bryan Lewis does a masterful job asking questions of Tim Millwood for those unfamiliar with the topic.

A Front-End JavaScript Framework in Drupal Core? - Lullabot Podcast

A very informative and balanced discussion about the discussion about adding a Javascript Framework to Drupal core.

Dropcast: Episode 15 - International Front End with @mortendk

The Mediacurrent talk with special guest MortenDK about the frontend in Drupal 8 and the show Vikings.


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