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Issue 220 - December, 17th 2015

I'll be taking a couple weeks off for the holidays so this will be the final issue of TheWeeklyDrop for 2015. It has been a great year for Drupal as well as TheWeeklyDrop. Thank you all for subscribing and here's to a great 2016.


2016 Drupal Association Board Election Details

What’s New on - November 2015

Tim Lehnen gives us the lowdown on the happenings on

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Code Reviews

Manage Updates with Continuous Development

The API Web Needs a GUI

Kristof Van Tomme makes the case for democratizing APIs with Drupal.

The Definitive PHP 7 (Final Version) & HHVM Benchmark

Take a look at how the most popular PHP based frameworks perform with PHP 7.

The Need for Web Developers Is Going Up - Way Up

"The USDOL is forecasting that the number of web developer positions will grow 26.6% (over 39,000 jobs) between 2014 and 2024."

Drupal 8

6 Reasons to Deploy Drupal 8 with Docker (+How to Guide)

Chingis Sandanov explains how you can build and deploy Drupal 8 with Docker containers.

Drupal 8 Queue API - Powerful Manual and Cron Queueing

Lessons from Porting Entityqueue to Drupal 8

Mark Ferree gives us an inside look at porting a module to Drupal 8.

Speak HTTP with Drupal::httpClient

William Hetherington shows us how we can use Guzzle in Drupal 8.

Using Twig in Drupal 8

Side by side comparisons for PHPTemplate(Drupal 7 theme engine) and Twig.

Video: Drupal 8 Build Process with Vagrant and Docker

A nice look inside the way Activelamp is building Drupal 8 development environments.


How to Create a CKeditor Plugin for Drupal 7

Israel Morales show us how to customize the CKeditor with a custom plugin. It's not as difficult as you might think.

How to Set Up Auto Posting from a Drupal Site to Facebook

Video: What Are Loops in Drupal Rules?


Commerce 2.x Stories: Workflows

Bojan Zivanovic explains the new approach to checkout statuses in Commerce 2. The improvements to Commerce are making it an even better option for ecommerce.

Drush Commands (Now Includes Drush 8)

How to Create Footnotes in Drupal

Steve Burge shows us how to use the Footnotes module.

Monitoring Drupal Site Status at Scale

PreviousNext introduces a new project called Dashboard Connector with a different approach to monitoring your Drupal sites.


Agov 7.x-3.0

Bootstrap 7.x-3.3

Bootstrap 8.x-3.0-Beta1

Breakpoints 7.x-1.4

Ds 8.x-2.2

field_group 8.x-1.0-Rc4

login_destination 7.x-1.3

migrate_ui 8.x-1.0

Tfa 7.x-2.0-Beta3

Workflow 7.x-2.7


Art, PHP, Sculpin & More at SymfonyLive Berlin 2015 - Acquia Podcast

DrupalEasy Podcast 166 - Haulin' Cats (Mike Bell - Mental Health and Open Source)


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