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Issue 219 - December, 10th 2015


Drupal Association Membership Drive 2015 Update

"Only 2.9% of our actively contributing users on are Individual Drupal Association members." If you use Drupal professionally please consider becoming a member.

Registration Is Open for DrupalCon Asia

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Drupal 8: Happy, but Not Satisfied

In this article Larry Garfield gives us a great look at the wins in Drupal 8 as well as many areas for improvement in future versions. Well worth reading.

Should We Decouple Drupal with a Client-Side Framework?

A must read post from Dries. Also take a look at the comments where a lively discussion is happening.

24 Things About Drupal 8 Every CTO Should Know

A nice high level summary from John Ennew.

Drupal Camps Should Have Live Captioning to Benefit All Attendees

YesCT share MidCamp's plans for live captioning at the 2016 event and is looking for other camps to share their experiences.

How to Destroy Everything

Vijith Assar interviews Dries Buytaert in this post on Medium.

Drupal 8

Build a Blog in Drupal 8: Custom Contact Forms

Ivan Zugec shows us how to build contact forms in Drupal 8. No custom code or contributed modules required.

Contribute to Drupal 8 Community Translations from the Comfort of Your Site

Gábor Hojtsy discusses the Localization client module and how you can use it to contribute translations back to the community.

Drupal 8 Is Out -- Let's Get the User Guide Done!

Drupal 8 Theming: How to Use Theme Libraries

Our Build Process Using Drupal 8

Tom Friedhof shares ActiveLAMP Drupal 8 process and dev stack.


Content Fixtures for Behat Testing in Drupal 7

Creating a RESTful API URL Alias Lookup in Drupal

Creating Links Within Twig Templates Using Path() and Url()

Is Your Drupal Website Slow? Find the Bottleneck with XHProf


Group - an Alternative to Organic Groups


Drupal 8.0.1

adminimal_theme 8.x-1.1

Advagg 7.x-2.17

big_pipe 8.x-1.0-Beta2

block_styles 8.x-1.0

Cod 7.x-1.0-Rc2

Commons 7.x-3.33

Drupalcamp 8.x-2.0-Beta1

Ds 8.x-2.1

Entityinfo 7.x-1.2

Features 8.x-3.0-Alpha5

Metatag 8.x-1.0-Beta3

Navbar 7.x-1.7

Radix 7.x-3.1

registry_rebuild 7.x-2.3

Restful 7.x-1.6

Restful 7.x-2.3

Smtp 7.x-1.3

Workflow 8.x-1.0-Beta3


Pulling Git Repo Content Into Drupal


Mediacurrent Dropcast - Episode 13

Talking Drupal #109 - Chef

The Drupal 8 Developer Experience - Lullabot Podcast


MidCamp 2016

March 17-20, 2016 in University of Illinois in Chicago.

Sandcamp 2016

February 25-17, 2016 in San Diego.


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