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Issue 213 - October, 29th 2015


Drupal 7 Core Updates for October 2015

With all the well deserved praise of Drupal 8 good ole Drupal 7 can be overshadowed. In this post David Rothstein tells us about some new features in this latest release of Drupal 7. Yes, this is not a typo. New features in Drupal 7.

Drupal 8.0.0 RC2

The second release candidate was released last week.

Giving Back

Hat tip to the great folks over at Chapter Three. They have hired two more Drupal 8 core developers. But more than that Nica Lorber makes a very strong case for the benefits of hiring core developers. I hope we see more companies doing likewise.

WPP-Acquia Alliance: A Milestone for Drupal

Acquia is partnering with WPP. If you're like me you have no idea who WPP is. Essentially WPP is a collection of different marketing agencies and they will be working closely with Acquia. This is another example of the maturation of the market place for Drupal work. It is getting bigger and more competitive.

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Commerce 2.x Stories: Update

I'm sure you have heard of the promise of Drupal 8 interoperability with other PHP projects. The idea is that you can now write code in your module that could be used in other PHP project besides Drupal. In this post the Drupal Commerce folk describe how they are planning to do this as well as other plans for the Drupal 8 version of Commerce.

The Wunderkraut Gotcha Collection Volume 3

If you do anything for long enough you will find the pain points and gotchas. Wunderkraut's Bernt Andreas Drange has composed a collection of things to look out for with Drupal 7.

Drupal 8

7 Things You Can Do to Help Get Drupal 8 Contribs Faster

A good list of advice. You might not think you can help with Drupal 8 but you are probably wrong about that. You can do many things that don't require deep knowledge of Drupal 8 that can be very helpful.

aGov for Drupal 8: First Alpha Release

Another Drupal distribution moves to Drupal 8.

Creating the Drupal Cron Queue Worker in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Module Development - BADCamp 2016 Slides

I had the pleasure of attending this Drupal 8 training led by Jesus Manuel Olivas. Jesus not only guided us through Drupal 8 but showed us how to use the Drupal Console project which I highly recommend.

Everything That's Changed with Comments in Drupal 8

Many of the changes in the Drupal 8 interface are subtle. Comments aren't one of these changes. In this post Steve Burge walks us through the changes in D8.

How Drupal 8 Builds Your Pages [Infographic]

Have you ever been asked this question? Where do Drupal pages come from? This graphic can help with that.

Responsive Images in D8

Mario Hernandez explains how to configure responsive images in Drupal 8.

Using the Configuration Module Filter in Drush 8

Greg Anderson introduces us to a new Drush feature for Drupal 8 configuration management.


Link Checker Module to Find Broken Links in Drupal

Link rot is a real problem on the web. Nick Savov shows us how you can address this issue with the Link Checker module.

Using Migrations to Provide Default Content


commerce_kickstart 7.x-1.40

Drupal 7.41 Released

Features 8.x-3.0-Alpha4

Openpublic 7.x-1.7

Restful 7.x-1.4

site_audit 8.x-2.0

Speedy 7.x-1.21

Webform 7.x-4.12

Webprofiler 8.x-2.0-Rc1


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