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Issue 211 - October, 15th 2015


2015 Drupal Association Membership Drive: Because Members Are Contributors Too

If you use Drupal, especially if you use it professionally you should be a member of the Drupal Association.

Are You Planning a Drupal 8 Launch Party?

Are you planning to celebrate the release of Drupal 8? Let the Drupal Association know so they can spread the word.

What's New on - September 2015

Catch up with the work and news on

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Drupal 8

A Tale of Two Base Themes in Drupal 8 Core

A great look at the base themes in Drupal 8 from Lullabot's Marc Drummond.

Adding Responsive Images to Your Drupal 8 Site

Advomatic's Amanda Luker shows us how to setup breakpoints and responsive images for your Drupal 8 site.

Build a Blog in Drupal 8: Using Views

Ivan Zugec continues the Building a Blog in Drupal 8 series in this post with a look at building a home page view.

Drupal 8 Is in RC! Yay! What Happens to My Patches Now?

"Now that Drupal 8 is in release candidate phase, the goal is to get out of release candidate phase and onto release as quickly as possible. That means we'll be locking down the patches committed to 8.0.x fairly significantly, so as not to potentially disrupt stability."

Drupal 8 RC 1 Is Out! What Now?

"Despite all the rejoicing on social media, this isn’t the final release for Drupal 8 – it’s only the first Release Candidate. This means that we have (officially!) 0 “critical” bugs left to fix in Drupal 8."

Drupal 8's Dynamic Page Cache

Wim Leers explains what Drupal 8's Dynamic Page Cache is and how it works.

Drupal 8: Migrate from Drupal 6 with a Custom Process Plugin

How to Log Messages in Drupal 8

Very useful tutorial from Drupalize.Me's Amber Matz.

Programmatically Attach Files to a Node in Drupal 8

Stable Base Theme Added as Default for Backwards Compatibility

"Themers will be able to choose between two base themes in Drupal 8 core that maintain backwards compatibility."

Which Countries Have Contributed Most to Drupal 8?

Paul Johnson has put this together using data from Lauri Eskola's site.


Drupal to Ember Without Saving

One of the main unsolved issues for decoupled Drupal sites is content preview for editors. In this post you will learn how to solved this if you are using Ember on the front end.

Headless Drupal & Node.js | Part 3/3: Express JS and Drupal API Integration

Joris Snoek continues the headless series covering an installation and intro to Express JS, routes and dynamic templates with EJS in Express JS. and connect the JSON data from the RESTful Drupal 8 web service.


Login Destination: Sending Us Where We Need to Go!

Jim Birch shows us how to redirect users after they log into Drupal using the Login Destination module.

Secure the Data of Visitors on Your Drupal Website Better

Encrypt field data with the field encryption module.


Commons 7.x-3.31

environment_indicator 7.x-2.8

Modernizr 7.x-3.7

Picture 7.x-2.13


DrupalEasy Podcast 163 - Drupal Potato (David Rozas, Open-Source Contributing)

Drupalsnack 53: DrupalCon Barcelona


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