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Issue 209 - October, 1st 2015


DrupalCon Dublin 2016

Cathy Theys Is Awarded the First Aaron Winborn Award

Cathy Theys was awarded the first Aaron Winborn Award at DrupalCon Barcelona.

Acquia Raises $55 Million Series G

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Community Keynotes by David Rozas and Mike Bell

Mike Bell's (mikebell_) proposal about mental health in the open source world and David Rozas' (drozas) talk about the phenomenon of contributing to a community were promoted to keynotes and I've heard a lot of positive things about both talks.

DrupalCon Barcelona - Recap

I enjoyed the nice collection of DrupalCon Barcelona photos from Amazee Labs.

Making Drupal Fly — The Fastest Drupal Ever Is Here!

Remote DrupalCon - Day 2

Steve Purkiss recaps the second day of DrupalCon.

Remote DrupalCon - Day 3

Steve Purkiss recaps the third day of DrupalCon.


The Future of Decoupled Drupal

Dries Buytaert weighs in with his thoughts on the subject.

Drupal 8

Create Your First Drupal 8 Module

Intro to Drupal 8 Vocabulary

PHPTemplate Will Be Removed from Drupal 8 Core

What Happened to Hook_Menu in Drupal 8?


Setting Up a Docker Development Environment with Vagrant - Part 3


Block Visibility Groups - Drupal 8 Blocks but Better

In this video and post Ted Bowman introduces us to this new Drupal 8 module that's an alternative to Panels and Context.


Backdrop 1.2.2

Fences 7.x-1.2

Modernizr 7.x-3.5

Restui 8.x-1.10


Talking Drupal #104 - Feature Debate

Using Panopoly and It's Drupal 8 Future with David Snopek - Modules Unraveled Podcast


Drupal Monopoly Board

My favorite Tweet of the week comes from Mark Conroy. "If I was designing a #Drupal monopoly board, this is what it might look like #DrupalCon."


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