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Issue 206 - September, 10th 2015

My apologies for the lack of summaries this week. I had some travel and scheduling issues that severely limited my time to write this week's issue. Things should be back to normal next week.


Drupal 8 Now Ships with Beta-to-Beta Updates

Dries Buytaert announced that beginning with the Drupal 8 beta 15 it will support beta-to-beta upgrade paths. Great news for those of building production sites on Drupal 8 today.

What’s New on - August 2015

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Get Ready for DrupalCon Barcelona Sprints and Mentoring


Authoring Experience (AX) Best Practices for Images in Drupal

Between Releases: When Should I Adopt the Newest Version of Drupal?

Drupal in Debian

How Drupal 7 Works, Part 2: The Bootstrap

Prototyping with Drupal

Drupal 8

#D8rules Finishes Milestone 1

How to Build Complex Filters in Drupal 8

Recording from Sept 4th 2015 Drupal 8 Critical Issues Discussion

Revisions in Drupal 8

SafeMarkup::set(), SafeMarkup::checkPlain(), and Other Methods Are Removed from Drupal 8 Core

settings.local.php for Drupal 8


Drupal Theming - a Basic Primer on Template.php and Template Files

How to Setup Drupal on Codio in Minutes

Video: Use the Boost Module to Improve Drupal's Cache

Video: Views Bulk Operations Makes Mass Updates Easy in Drupal


Drupal 7 Panels: Page Manager User Pages

File Chooser Field - Third-Party File Storage Services in Drupal Fields

Pane Field: World Domination with Ctools Panes inside Your Content


composer_manager 8.x-1.0-Beta4

Date 7.x-2.9

fieldable_panels_panes 7.x-1.7

Honeypot 7.x-1.21

Panopoly 7.x-1.27

Paragraphs 7.x-1.0-Rc2

Picture 7.x-2.12

Twitter 7.x-5.10

Twitter 7.x-6.1

workbench_email 7.x-3.5


VIDEO: DrupalCon Los Angeles Interview: Jen Lampton & Nate Haug


Using Drupal Console with Drupal 8 with Jesus Manuel Olivas - Modules Unraveled Podcast


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