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Issue 205 - September, 3rd 2015


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DrupalCon Asia Comes to Mumbai!

It's very cool to see the community growing in Asia.

Introduction to Headless Drupal

Training Spotlight: Drupal DevOps

Training Spotlight: Frontend Performance Training


Accessible Names - Label All the Things! (Part 2)

Michelle Williamson continues her accessibility series on the MediaCurrent blog.

How Drupal 7 Works, Part 1: The Request

Mike Crittenden shares a chapter out the book he is writing, Drupal Deconstructed.

REST Easy Part 5: Everybody Get Together

David Diers shows us how to expose entity references in your API endpoints.

Sassy Drupal Theming: A Lighter Version of SMACSS

Anne Tomasevich shows us how to use SMACSS principles to organize SCSS in a Drupal theme.

The True Value of Certification

Palantir founder George DeMet shares thoughts on Acquia's certification and it's significance to the Drupal ecosystem.

Drupal 8

Altering Data for a Drupal 8 Migration, Step-by-Step

D8 Accelerate - Game Over?

Donna Benjamin asks you to contribute money to the D8 Accelerate program.

D8FTW: Customizing Your Back-End

Another gem of an article from Larry Garfield. "...if you ever write an SQL query yourself in Drupal 8, you're probably doing it wrong"

GSoC 2015 - Security Review D8 - Wrap Up

Viktor Bán shares the experience of doing a D8 upgrade for the Security Review module as a Google Summer of Code project.

Recording from August 28th 2015 Drupal 8 Critical Issues Discussion

Writing Custom Fields in Drupal 8

Deji Akala shows us how to create a custom country field in Drupal 8.


Drupal Development Tips for Common Problems

A great list of tips.


OOP for Object Haters - Drupalcorn 2015

Socketwench's slides from Drupalcorn 2015.


Commons 7.x-3.30

Openaid 7.x-2.5

Redis 7.x-3.11

search_api 7.x-1.16

Twitter 7.x-6.0


Video Tutorial - "Introduction to RedHen CRM"

RedHen is a Drupal CRM distribution that's worth looking at if you need a custom CRM.


146 Drupal Update Automation and Drop Guard with Manuel Pistner - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Mediacurrent Dropcast: Episode 10

This episode we have Mario Hernandez about how to properly plan a presentation and we talk about the smart_trim module.

Talking Drupal #102 - Headless Drupal -

I enjoyed listening to the latest episode of Talking Drupal with Matt Grill and David Diers. They discussed building as a RESTful and decoupled Drupal CMS.


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