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Issue 2 - September 29, 2011

I want to welcome all our new subscribers and thank you all for your feedback. Please let us know what you think and how we can make this service better for you. Now let's get to it.

Bob Kepford


DrupalCon Munich 2012

In case you missed it, Drupalcon Munich 2012 will be held August 20th - 23rd 2012.

Nat "catch" Catchpole Drupal 8 Co-Maintainer

Long time Drupal contributor Nat "catch" Catchpole has agreed to become the co-maintainer Drupal 8. This should be a very good thing for Drupal core development.

Configuration Management Initiative code sprints in September and October

Improving configuration management is one of the key initiatives in Drupal 8. If you can't make it to one of the locations, you can log onto IRC and pitch in.

New Drupal Association Membership Benefits from Anolim & O'Reilly

Seriously. 40% off books from publishers like O'Reilly and Pragmatic Bookshelf. Just go join the Drupal Association if you haven't already.

Docs Team 3rd Quarter 2011 update

OpenPublish for Drupal 7 - alpha release

Media module 1.0-rc1 released!


Drupalcamp Spain

October 1st - 2nd - Seville

Do It With Drupal

October 12th - 14th - New York City

DrupalCamp South Florida

October 22nd - Davie, Florida

Drupal Guatemala

October 29th

Articles and Tutorials

Inside Pantheon: Why Rackspace?

Josh Koenig explains why Pantheon is hosted on Rackspace Cloud.

Using Context Field, Boxes and Views Boxes for layout control

Tirdad Chaharlengi of Phase2 explains how OpenPublish provides inline editing and a flexible way to manage page layouts.

Show the last git commit in the site footer

A very cool settings.php hack from Andrew Berry.

Trigger Jenkins builds by pushing to Github

FourKitchens chef Mark Theunissen serves up a sweet post showing how to make Github's service hooks and Jenkins play nicely.

Setup Amazon Cloudfront on Drupal 7 in 10 Minutes

Patrick Waters walks us through setting up the CDN Module with Amazon's Cloudfront service in Drupal 7.

Making a new site appear within the old

Have you ever wanted to host a static site within your Drupal installation? Daniel "sun" Kudwien tells us how to make it work in Drupal 7 with a few Apache settings.

Scrolling and fixed position on mobile devices for Drupal 6

Understanding 8: Where Drupal Is and Where it's Going

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Block

Hate the blocks system? LevelTen's does a pretty good job of convincing us otherwise. I have to admit that the blocks UI is better in Drupal 7. Don't miss the cool modules he mentions. A couple of them were new to me.

Drupal Crisis Point: Marketing Ice to Eskimos

LevelTen's Tom McCracken discusses ways the Drupal community can better market to non-developers.

Go forth and tabbify with Quicktabs 3.0 for Drupal 7

Kat Baily gives us the lowdown on whats new in the 7.x-3.x version of Quicktabs module, including exportables!

Display suite part 2: View modes and fields

Ivan Zugec continues he series coving the Display Suite module a very cool suite of modules that allows you to control your node displays without any code.

Building Custom Block Entities With Beans

Neil Hastings of Treehouse Agency walks us through Bean module and how they used it to place blocks with lists of content on This looks very interesting to me.

Create a low bandwidth version of your site using the Context module

Trellonian Yuriy Gerasimov shows us another cool use case for the Context module.

Writing widget for Views Slideshow

Yuriy Gerasimov walks us through extending Views Slideshow module with a custom widget.

Entity Reference

Jeff Eaton gives us the lowdown on an alternative to node and user references. In Drupal 7 we can use entities in Drupal 7.


Adaptivetheme Responsive Layouts - Quickfire Video Intro

Jeff Burnz over at Adaptivetheme demos Pixture Reloaded, a responsive theme for Drupal 7.

First 10 Videos of "Change Management and Version Control" Are Released FREE

If you need to learn version control and the commandline don't miss's videos. Chris Shattuck is building a great library of Drupal training videos. His site is well worth a look if you're trying to sharpen your Drupal skills.

Friendly Drupal: Aegir Site Tasks: Backup, Restore, Clone, Migrate

The good folks at FriendlyDrupal show us a few of the handy things Aegir(The amazing Drupal hosting system) can do.

My Workbench, files and media

Johan Falk is stacking up quite a collection of screencasts. In the first screencast of his new series covering the Workbench module, Johan gives us a overview of it's basic features.

Media Element - Drupal 7 Audio & Video

Bob Christenson of Mustardseed shows us latest way to deliver video and audio content using the cool video module we mentioned last week, the MediaElement module.


That's No Moon

I really love this shirt from DRUPLEH. Keep up the good work guys.


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