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Issue 195 - June, 25th 2015


Drupal 7.38 and 6.36 Released

Maintenance releases which contain fixes for security vulnerabilities. Homepage Sponsorship

In a few weeks the Drupal Association will be launching a new sponsorship program for Drupal Supporters on the homepage of The DA wants to hear what the community(that's you) thinks about this and will be accepting feedback until July 6th.

Register for DrupalCon Barcelona

Updates to Our 2015 Financial Plan

Drupal Association Executive Director Holly Ross shares the sad consequences of lower than anticipated revenue for 2015. She also shares a plan going forward.

From Our Sponsor


Eaton & Urbina: Structured, Intelligent and Adaptive Content

If you are interested in content and how we solve the complex problems around it on the web then check out Wim Leers fine post.

How Improved Their Page Load Times

Matt Davis offers a high level look at the traffic and load issues with and how those problems were addressed.

Managing Remote Team Members the Promet Way

Promet Source's Rory Keane offers a nice bit of advice in his post about distributed teams.

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Theming Fundamentals, Part 2

In part two of John Hannah's series on Drupal 8 theming he covers the Twig theming engine.

Recording from June 19th 2015 Drupal 8 Critical Issues Discussion

Requiring hook_update_N() for Drupal 8 Core Patches Beginning June 24


Allow Users to Delete Their Drupal Accounts

Another great tutorial from Steve Burge geared towards those of you that may be newer to this whole Drupal thing.

Building Native Apps - Part 1

In this multiple post series Vitaliy Bobrov shares how FFW is building native mobile apps with Ionic Framework and a Drupal back-end.

Drupal Performance Optimization Checklist

Neerav Mehta has shared a nice list of modules and tips for performance on your Drupal site. Some I had heard of and others that were new to me.

Headless Drupal with Angular JS and Bootstrap - Hello World

The Beginner's Guide to Drupal Security Releases

Using Tail to Debug Drupal Sites

A nice intro to using tail to display your log files as output in your terminal from William Hetherington. I'm a huge believer in learning the commandline if you are a web developer. Here's a bonus tip I will share. You can use drush ws --tail to display live output of the Drupal watchdog logs.


Wysiwyg Fields

A new project from Stuart Clark that allows you to embedd image, video, and other fields into a CKeditor field. This module is definitely worth trying out.

Introducing the Math Field Module

Simular to computed field module but without the PHP filter requirement.

Video: Metatag 1.5

"With meta tags still being important for search engine optimization and improving how content looks when shared via social networks like Facebook and Twitter, it's worth learning how to use Drupal's Metatag module the right way"

Anchors Panels Navigation Module as an Excellent Alternative to Single Page Website Module


Drupal 7.38

admin_toolbar 8.x-1.7

Colorbox 7.x-2.9

commerce_views 7.x-1.0

Commons 7.x-3.27

Composer 8.x-1.2 |

Feeds 7.x-2.0-Alpha9

inline_entity_form 7.x-1.6

jquery_update 7.x-2.6

Mailchimp 7.x-3.4

Openatrium 7.x-2.42

Openoutreach 7.x-1.21

Openpublic 7.x-1.6

Panopoly 7.x-1.23

Paragraphs 7.x-1.0-Rc1

Personalize 7.x-2.0-Beta1

Picture 7.x-2.11

Speedy 7.x-1.19

wysiwyg_fields 7.x-2.0-Beta1


Drupal: Helping NGOs & Civil Society in Myanmar and Beyond - Acquia Podcast

DrupalCon New Orleans Details with Eric Schmidt, Sabrina Schmidt, Jason Want and Jeff Diecks - Modules Unraveled Podcast

DrupalEasy Podcast 157 - Rabbit Food (Anna Kalata - Getting Started in Core Development)

Drupalize.Me Podcast 66 : Project Management

Talking Drupal #097 - Blocking Unwanted Users


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