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Issue 193 - June, 11th 2015


Drupal 8 Security Bug Bounty Program: Get Paid to Find Security Issues in D8

Drupal has done many things right when it comes to security but this bug bounty program is up there among the best ideas.

Drupal Media in GSoC 2015

Find out what this year's Google Summer of Code students are going to be working on.

What’s New on - May 2015

More improvements on including a work on a new Git workflow coming out of discussions at DrupalCon LA.

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Advanced Layouts with Flexbox

Mediacurrent's Mario Hernandez talks about the CSS layout model of the future. It's a pretty cool look at Flexbox.

An Analysis of Drupal Major Version Adoption

Webchick shares an interesting look at data around Drupal adoption trends and how this could impact Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 Theming Fundamentals, Part 1

A step by step guide to building a new theme in Drupal 8 from Lullabot's John Hannah.

JSON or XML - What's Best for Your API?

Lin Clark sheds light on a common question.

What Have Chinese Drupalers Been Doing in 2015?

It's pretty exciting to see the Drupal community grow in Asia.

“Reply to Anything” in Open Atrium

Phase2's Mike Potter announces new commenting features in OpenAtrium.


Create Offsite Backups with Nodesquirrel

As I announced a few weeks ago, Pantheon acquired the service NodeSquirrel. NodeSquirrel is a off-site backup service that works with the Backup and Migrate module. What you may have missed is that Pantheon is allowing free backups up to 5gb. If you run a small site and don't have off-site backups you should jump on this. Kyle Hofmeyer will show you how in this post.

Understanding and Using HSL in Your CSS

I rarely touch CSS these days but I really love using HSL for color values. Learn more about HSL in this post by Ryan Hagerty.


Admin_Toolbar 8.x-1.6

Features 7.x-2.6-Rc1

Nodequeue 7.x-2.0

Openchurch 7.x-2.1

Openoutreach 7.x-1.20

Page_Manager 8.x-1.0-Alpha11

Panopoly 7.x-1.22

Search_Api 7.x-1.15

Search_Api_Page 7.x-1.2


Drupal 8 - 1st Product of the PHP-FIG Era - Acquia Podcast

Drupaleasy Podcast 156 - Ryan Forgot to Do His Homework (Jesus Olivas, Eduardo Garcia - Drupal Console) Podcast 65 : Let's Chat About Web Accessibility

A great episode from our friends at Lullabot. It's funny that they discuss Accessibility on the same week that the Mediacurrent Dropcast did. We didn't plan this. I promise.

Mediacurrent Dropcast: Episode 6

In this episode we have a special guest, Mickey Williamson, who talks about the importance of Web Accessibility.

Training New Drupal Talent Before Hiring Them Into Your Company with Cameron Eagans - Modules Unraveled Podcast


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