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Issue 192 - June, 4th 2015


Drupal 8.0.0-Beta11

A massive list of issues addressed in this Beta release.

Drupal 8 Security Bug Bounty Program: Get Paid to Find Security Issues in D8

"The security team is using monies from the D8 Accelerate fund to pay for valid security issues found in Drupal 8, from now until August 31, 2015 (open to extension). This program is open for participation by anyone"

Backdrop 1.1 Released!

This release includes a new administration interface, full token integration, built-in path pattern support., as well as new updated notifications.

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How Is Lowering the Barrier to Become a Module Maintainer

Live Monitoring with Shoov and Some Sweet Irony

An interesting look at issues related to a decoupled (headless) Drupal site and how these issues were addressed.

Architecting a Scalable Drupal Build System with Aws Ecs

Drupal 8

D8 User Manual Proposal

There's a new proposal to create a coherent, internationalized Drupal 8 User Manual, which Joe Shindelar (eojthebrave) discussed at DrupalCon Los Angeles.

Drupal 8 Theme System Critical Issues Sprint (June 5-7 in Portsmouth, NH)

Building a Self-Documenting Rest API

Endpoints, Routing, and Entity Fields in the Watchdog by Lee Rowlands.

Twig Blocks and Drupal

Great tips for learning the ropes on working with TWIG blocks.

Creating Pseudo-Fields in Drupal 8

Daniel Sipos shares how to make custom extra fields in Drupal 8. This is a very handy feature in Drupal 7 as well.

Recording from May 29th 2015 Drupal 8 Critical Issues Discussion


Best Practices for Generating Patches and Interdiffs

A handy guide for contributing good patches on

Fix Up Drush Site Aliases with a Policy File

Great tip on how and why you should set up a Drush policy file. In case you don't know, "A policy is a regular Drush command file that contains hook implementations rather than Drush commands".


Drupal Facebook Comments Social Plugin Module Tutorial

Essential Drupal: The Style Guide Module

Style guides are becoming more and more popular. The smartest designers I know use them and this module makes it easy to make them.

Introducing Metatag 1.5


Feeds_Tamper 7.x-1.1

Hierarchical_Select 7.x-3.0-Beta2

Menu_Block 7.x-2.6

Metatag 7.x-1.5

Paranoia 7.x-1.5

Picture 7.x-2.10

Search_Api 8.x-1.0-Alpha5

Webprofiler 8.x-1.1-Beta11


Details on the Nodesquirrel Acquisition by Pantheon with Drew Gorton and Ronan Downling - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Drupal Replaces in-House Cms at Digital Agency - Meet John Doyle - Acquia Podcast


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