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Issue 19 January 26, 2012

I'm trying to grab news about Drupal 8 milestones and chronicle them here in addition to the best drupal links and articles. This week Trigger module was dropped from D8 as well as support for IE7.

It seems like we have a crop of new Drupal blogs pushing content to the already full Planet feed. It's a great time to tell your friends about The Weekly Drop and how much time it will save them while keeping them informed. You know what to do folks. Now let's get to it.


New Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 releases on February 1

Drupal Association 2012 elections are on!

Come one, come all! As of January 18, 2012 nominations are open for the 2012 elections of two "at large" directors of the Drupal Association. Also see Dries's post on his blog.

Open Atrium 1.2 Security Release

"bluecheese" theme now available on

I know I'm not the only user of happy to see this news.

Getting Involved in the Drupal Community: Survey Results


NJ Drupal Camp

February 4th at Princeton

Drupal 8

IE7 support Dropped from Drupal 8

Drupal 8 drops Trigger module!

In-person sprints planned for the Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative in 2012


Change the Output of a Single Field on a Drupal 7 Node

Preprocess functions are a good tool to have in your theming belt. Art of shows us how use preprocess functions to override the markup of a single node without using templates.

Wysiwyg editor, the configuration

Posting images from Android to Drupal

Kristof De Jaeger, the developer behind the Display Suite modules introduces us to Drupoid, an Android app and Drupal module that together, allow you post images to your Drupal site.

Go Minimal with Drupal 7

The Drupal 7 installation screen provides two installation profiles, standard and minimal. Thomas Svenson makes the case for using the minimal profile and I completely agree. As he says, there is nothing wrong with the standard profile but if you are developing your own site it's often quicker to start with nothing turned on.

Loosely-coupled module integration

Roger Lopez over at the Tree House Agency is proposing a couple alternatives to the module dependency system. He suggests using the module_enable function or the hook_modules_enabled and hook_modules_disabled functions in your module installation. This looks interesting and it's worth a read if you're a developer.

Socialize your Drupal site in 5 Easy Steps


Sign Up for Entities and Fields

ThinkShout announces the Entity Registrations module, a registration module built upon the entity system of Drupal 7. This project looks very promising and is definitely one to watch. Lev Tsypin also mentions Drupal Commerce integration which would be huge.

Services Single Sign-On Client

If you have multiple Drupal installations with the same users accessing them Brandon Shi of ImageX Media may have a solution to that problem. He gives us the low down on Services single sign-on client module, a single sign-on solution that does not depend on outside services like LDAP or OAuth.


Node Convert and Views Bulk Operations

Have you ever wished that you could change a node's content type? Maybe you have a site full of blog nodes and news nodes and you would like to change them all to blog nodes. Anson shows us how you can do this with Node Convert and Views Bulk Operations.

hook_form_alter() : Mustardseed Media

In this episode, Bob gives the basics on the most useful Drupal hook for themers: hook_form_alter Learn how to use this (and the api reference) to change form defaults or behavior and make life better.

Friendly Drupal: Windows Tools: Git, Drush with Acquia Dev Desktop


Podcast 100: A Look Back

Jeff and the gang talk about Lullabot, Drupal 8 and the future.

Modules Unraveled: 003 Jess and Core Office Hours

Brian chats with Jess (xjm) about Drupal Core Office Hours.

Acquia Podcast 38: Melissa Anderson on Training for Drupal

Steve Edwards talks with Melissa Anderson about training in Drupal, and how Drupal knowledge and experience can be shared in the community.


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