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Issue 180 - March, 12th 2015


Pantheon Sponsoring David Snopek to Co-Maintain Panopoly

It's very cool to see more companies sponsoring people to work on Drupal and other open source projects.

Voting Is Open for the 2015 at-Large Board Elections

Get to know your candidates, and then get ready to vote.


Los Angeles Session Submission Overview

An infographic of session submission data.


5 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Site More Accessible

When you install Drupal 7 it's fairly accessible but you can mess that up or improve it. Mediacurrent's Michelle Williamson shares some great tips to do just that.

A Lullabot’S Guide to Successful Meetings

Meeting can really be a drag, here are some tips for making them better.

Site Preview - the Holy Grail of Drupal

There is a lot of cool things in this post. I need more time to dig into them but I wanted to share this anyway.

Tips to Become a Git Administer at

A nice set of tips for budding contributors as well.

Why Care About Accessibility

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Michelle Williamson on a project at Mediacurrent and I can say her passion for making the web accessible is contagious. As creators of parts of the web it is our responsibility to make it accessible to everyone we can.

Drupal 8

Contribution, Influence, and Drupal 8

If you have thoughts or concerns about the direction of Drupal please read this post from xjm.

Drupal Core Updates for March 4Th, 2015

A more detailed look at the Drupal 8 core work that has been done over the past few weeks from @mparker17.

The State of Drupal 8: March 2015

Steve Burge gives a high level look at the status of Drupal 8.


Avoiding Double-Escaped Output in Drupal 8

Great tip from Greg Anderson.

Creating Block Types with Bean

Recurring Payments in Drupal


Building a Dynamic Display Block with Minipanels

I was skeptical of this modules inside of the Panels project at first, but I have seen the utility of it first hand.

Weekly Module Review - #2 Configuration Management, an Alternative to Features.

From the project page, "This module takes some concepts from the Drupal 8 core configuration management initiative, specifically the concept of the "activestore" and "datastore" architecture" Checkout this overview of Configuration Management module.


Coder 8.x-2.1

Commons 7.x-3.22

Features 7.x-2.4

Node_Expire 7.x-1.8

Quiz 7.x-4.0-Beta4

Webform 7.x-4.4


Drupaleasy Podcast 146: Dries' Baby Bird (Acquia Certifications - Peter Manijak)

Talking Drupal #088 - Load Testing

Working with and - Acquia Podcast


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