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Issue 18 January 19, 2012

Looks like the big ramp-up to Drupalcon Denver has begun. On to the links.


Party Like It's DrupalCon - Tickets On Sale Now!

European Drupalcon Selection Committee for Drupalcon 2013

Drupalcon Denver Jobs - Sign Up Now!


Florida Drupalcamp 2012

February 11th & 12th at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.


A cautionary tale for the Drupal community

We've all seen vicious attacks on the Internet before but John Albin Wilkins shares an example from the WordPress community that should remind us not to become too cocky.

Resize me - I'm responsive and mobile first

Fredrik Jonsson shows us how he created a responsive and mobile first Zen sub-theme for his site.

Overriding Page Templates per Content Type in Drupal 7

Drupal Performance Tuning

Evan Barter of Fuse Interactive shares some great Drupal performance tips.

PHP project structure survey

Larry Garfield gives us a rundown of how a few other PHP projects are organizing their code bases.

WYSIWYG for Drupal - Best practice

Becoming friends with the Drupal Color module — Part 2

In part two of Sampo's series of posts about the Color module we get deeper into what can be accomplished. It gets pretty crazy so hold on tight.

Inside Pantheon: DROPs

The Pantheon crew shares their approach to hosting infrastructures with DROPs (Drupal Runtime Optimized Processes), a design inspired by Heroku and Google App Engine.

Writing Drupal documentation with PHPDoc

Improving user experience: using Dialogs for profile edit in modal forms

Anton Sidashin of Pixeljets shares how he used Dialog API module to provide dialog boxes to edit user profiles.


Module Monday: Bundle Copy

Jeff Eaton shows us how Bundle Copy makes it easy to export you Content types in Drupal 7.


This week Chris Ruppel (rupl) announced the 7.x-2.0 release of the Modernizr module. Seriously, Modernizer is freaking awesome. Basically it let's you use HTML5 and CSS3 stuff with feature detection so you can setup fallbacks for older browsers.

Drupal Mega Menus Made Simple

Need a Mega Menus? Check out the Menu Views module.

More Drupalcon

Why you should attend our DrupalCon Denver training

Chris Shattuck of is heading up the Site Building and More training at DrupalCon Denver. I really like Chris's mentoring approach to training. If you are headed to Drupalcon maybe you should check it out along with the other training events.

DrupalEasy Podcast 72: Ryan’s Drupal Outfit

Great DrupalCon info and tips about preparing for the Denver climate in this epi of the DrupalEasy Podcast.


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Awesome Drupal backend developer (long-term, remote - Europe only)

Infopro Digital Services Limited AnywhereAnywhere

Senior Web Developer/Technical Strategist

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Back-End Drupal Developer

CivicActions AnywhereAnywhere

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