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Issue 179 - March, 5th 2015


Aaron Winborn Community Spotlight

If you have been around the Drupal community for a while you know who Aaron Winborn is. If not, take a few minutes and learn more about his story. His is a story that is both inspiring and heart breaking.

Buy Your Tickets for Drupalcon Los Angeles

Get Ready to Vote: Elections Run 9 March - 20 March

In case you missed it, the Drupal community is electing one candidate to serve a two-year term on the Drupal Association Board of Directors.

Provide Feedback on the Issue Credit Attribution User Interface

If you are a Drupal contributor and want to put your two cents in, now is the time.


Call for Business Track Speakers

Drupalcon Latin America 2015 Bogotá Will Live on as One of the Classics

Victor Kane provides a enjoyable review of DrupalCon Latin America. He hits a few key points about the keynotes that are worth looking into if you haven't watched both presentations yet.

Drupalcon Latin America Sessions

If you missed DrupalCon Latin America fear not. You can watch most of the sessions on Youtube.

Higher Ed Joins the Drupalcon Summit Lineup


How Do I Get a Job in Drupal?

I can't think of another person who is better qualified to give advice on starting a career in Drupal than Mike Anello.

How to Override Features

Overriding Features modules can be a pain. Mike Potter of Phase2 gives a great overview of the pros and cons of different approaches to the problem.

Introducing the Dramble - Raspberry Pi 2 Cluster Running Drupal 8

If you like to tinker, this will interest you.

Premature Optimization Is (Still) Bad

Mediacurrent's Peter Mallett reminds us to solve our current problems first, doing otherwise often creates new problems.

Drupal 8

Rebuilding the Cheppers Website with Drupal 8: The Age of Innocence

Responding to Events in Drupal 8

Using Rest Export with Views in Drupal 8


How to Maintain Contrib Modules for Drupal and Backdrop at the Same Time - Part 3

Install Drush 7 for Drupal 8 Without Throwing Away Drush 6

I have done this recently but in the reverse. Drush 7 is my default.

Memory Profiling in Hooks

An interesting approach to memory profiling.


A Content Staging Solution for Drupal 8 (And More)

A new attempt to solve an old problem. This looks like it is worth keeping an eye on.

Google Pagespeed Module and Drupal

A run down of Drupal modules that can help you improve you Google Pagespeed score.

Headless Drupal in Your Terminal

More cool things from Gizra.

Openaid 2.0 - a Free, Open Source Website Starter Kit for Nonprofits

Role Provisioner: Drupal 7 Role and Permission Management

Weekly Module Review - #1 Focal Point: A Different Way to Crop an Image.


Bean 7.x-1.9

Drupal 8.0.0-Beta7

Entity 7.x-1.6

Flag 7.x-3.6

Openatrium 7.x-2.32

Panopoly 7.x-1.18

Payment 7.x-1.14

Redis 7.x-3.2

Schema_Version 7.x-1.0

Token 7.x-1.6

View_Modes_Display 7.x-1.x-Dev

Webprofiler 8.x-1.1-Beta7


4 Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Open Source Contributors - Acquia Podcast

Drupal Console - Podcast


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