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Issue 173 - January, 22nd 2015


Drupal 8 Beta 5 on Wednesday, January 28, 2014

Introducing Backdrop CMS

Last week Backdrop CMS reached 1.0.0. Congratulations!

Paperhat Group Acquires CTI Digital in “Multi Million Pound” Deal

Another Drupal agency acqusition.


Drupal Retrospective 2014

Dries Buytaert takes a look at what was accomplished by the Drupal community in 2014

Drupal 8

Creating a Custom Views Field in Drupal 8

A nice tutorial from Web Omelette to get your feet wet extending Drupal 8 Views.

Something Borrowed, Something Drupal

Larry Garfield writes about how Drupal 8 is outsourcing Open Source with projects from the broader PHP community.

Views in Drupal 8: Improved Displays

Advomatic's Oliver Seldman shares info about the displays availible in Views in Drupal 8. including REST export display.


Drupal Website Launch Checklist

This is not the first nor will be the last launch checklist but it's pretty solid.

Drush: The Swiss Army Knife for Drupal

In part three of this Drupal Watchdog series Jeremy Rasmussen discusses installing and working with Drupal 8 using Drush.


Drupal Auto Assign Role Module: Control Your Drupal Roles

"The Drupal 7 Auto Assign Role module allows you a lot of flexibility in deciding what roles users receive on your Drupal 7 website. If you have ever needed to allow a user to select their own role, or if you have ever needed to automatically assign a role to every user on your Drupal site. This is the module for you."


Coder 8.x-2.0

Config_Devel 8.x-1.0-Beta4

Drupalmoduleupgrader 8.x-1.1

Media_Vine 7.x-1.0

Medium 7.x-1.x-Dev

Openpublic 7.x-1.4

Paragraphs 8.x-1.0-Alpha1

Personalize 7.x-1.0-Rc3

Restui 8.x-1.9

Term_Merge 7.x-1.2

Video 7.x-2.11


Automation Tools with Solomon Gifford - Modules Unraveled Podcast Podcast 55 : The Restful Module

"In this episode Kyle Hofmeyer talks with the maintainers of the RESTful module, Mateu Aguiló Bosch and Amitai Burstein."

Hacking Culture 1 : Nate Haug: Forking Drupal

"Lullabot has a new monthly show, hosted by Matthew Tift, featuring in-depth interviews with open source and free software advocates."

Php: Getting the Job Done, Really Easily – Meet Stephan Hochdörfer - Acquia Podcast


Midwest Developers Summit

August 12th - 15th in Chicago at All sprint days. No sessions. Focus on getting Drupal 8 released (and some key contrib ports to Drupal 8).


A Few Things to Unwrap on Drupal's Birthday

I totally missed Drupal's birthday last week! Happy belated birthday Drupal.


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