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Issue 169 - December, 18th 2014

This wil be the final issue of TheWeeklyDrop for 2014. Have a merry Christamas and happy New Year!


Introducing the User Personas


5 Php Components Every Drupal 8 Developer Should Know: Part 2 -- Guzzle

Kris Vanderwater instroduces us to Guzzl, a PHP-based HTTP client library that is a part of Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 and Backdrop Cms - a Brief Comparison

Drupal Security Tips for Developers

This is by no means complete but a good set of tips none the less.

Migrate Overview

Melissa Anderson discusses the Drupal to Drupal mirgate project specifically for Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 migrations.

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Migrations, Part 4: Migrating Nodes from Drupal 7

Be sure and check out the whole series of posts from Metal Toad Media.

Migrate API

Karoly (Chx) Negyesi explains the plugins that are a part of the Migrate API in Drupal 8 on the Drupal Watchdog blog

The Drupal 8 Configuration Schema Cheat Sheet


Advanced Drupal User Management with Drush

A nice list of Drush tips from Cheeky Monkey Media's Justin Avdich.

Automated Style Guides with Kss-Node

If you have note seeing these really cool kss-node style guides you should check this out. My front-end collegues at Mediacurrent have been using kss-node on projects and it is a great help to everyone on the team.

Drupal Ux Improvements: When Node Forms Are a Nuisance

Propeople's Yuriy Gerasimov shares a series of methods and modules that you can employ to improve the node form.

Filter Drupal Content Based on File Type

Are you working with files and need to create lists of your files by file type? This post from OSTraining is for you.

How to Add Subtabs Under the User Edit Tab in Drupal

Programmatically Assign Roles to Users in Drupal

Blair Wadman shares three examples of programmatically assigning roles to users. This is something you will have to do at some point in your career as a Drupal developer.

Protect Thyself! Don't Send Testing Emails to Real Users

"Have you ever accidentally triggered emails to real users while working in a development environment?" Yes! Haven't we all? Great post from my pal Derek DeRaps.

Setup Entity Translation the Right Way


Drupal 7 Sweaver Module: Change Your Theme Style with No Css Code

Try the New Drupal Console Installer and Executable Phar


Context 7.x-3.5

Mollom 7.x-2.13

Openpublic 7.x-1.3

Scald 7.x-1.3


A Symfony Shop Embraces Drupal 8 & Gets Down to Business - Acquia Podcast Podcast 53 : Coding in Schools


Drupal AMA Series: Robert Douglass!


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