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Issue 167 - December, 4th 2014


Google Code-in 2014 Starts Dec 1st and Drupal Is Back!

This Month in Drupal Documentation - November 2014

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A Git-Based Patch Workflow for (With Interdiffs for Free!)

Crawling the Top 15,000 Drupal Websites

Some interesting results from Kristian Polso research.

Node Access Rebuilds Have a Hard Time Limit

Drupal 8

Create a Drupal 8 Block in Seconds

Drupal 8 Core, Now with More Fields

Drupal 8 Migrations, Part 2: Migrating Users from a Drupal 7 Site

Migrating Content Into Drupal 8

Mixed Mode Ssl Session Support Removed from Core

I have never liked this approach to SSL myself. Hopefully this change will encourage more sites that need SSL/TLS to use it for all connections.


Android App Integration with Drupal for Oauth

Eleven Tips to Keep Drupal Up to Date with Security Releases

Extending Entitydrupalwrapper

Nice post on using autoloading with EntityDrupalWrapper from Deeson's Dan James.

Required Alt Text for Images in Drupal


Configuration Installer

A new module from Alex Pott. "The Configuration Installer is a installation profile that takes over the Drupal installer and allows sites to be created from existing configuration."

Creating Custom Contextual Links in Drupal 7

I haven't had a chance to try this module yet but contextual links are really great.

Drupal - Travis Integration

Drupal 7 File Resumable Upload Module

Extracting Data from Drupal Entities the Right Way

An alternative to EntityMetadataWrapper called Distill.

Ref Debug, an Alternative for Dpm

Another alternative to a old standard way of solving a problem. Probably worth a closer look.

Speeding Up Manual Image Cropping


Drafty 7.x-1.0-Alpha2

Node_Author 7.x-1.0

Openchurch 7.x-2.1-Beta1

Set_Front_Page 7.x-1.0-Rc1

Spamspan 7.x-1.2


Lightning Talk - Drupal 8's Third Party Settings Interface

A lightning talk by Lee Rowland about Drupal 8's ThirdPartySettingsInterface.

The DrupalCI Results Component

In this video Nick Schuch discusses the results compent of DrupalCI jobs.

Podcasts Podcast 52 : Drupal Community Leadership

Part 2 – Cal Evans and Jeffrey A. "jam" Mcguire Talk Open Source - Acquia Podcast


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