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Issue 166 - November, 27th 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans and thank you all for reading this newsletter, I hope to continue writing it for many more years.


Drupal 7.34 and 6.34 Released

Drupal Core - Moderately Critical - Multiple Vulnerabilities - Sa-Core-2014-006

Drupal 8 Beta 4 on Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Drupal Core Updates for November 25, 2014

The Weather Channel (

You have probably heard about the The Weather Channel's move to Drupal before but the site launched last week. In addition to being one of the most highly trafficed sites on the web, is currently the largest Drupal site with 20 million pages. This is a big win for Drupal.

We Want Your Feedback

As a part of the effort to make the user experience better for the community the Drupal Association is requesting feedback. Specifically they are "... looking for people who work at companies that use Drupal, but don’t provide a Drupal product or service." If that's you get in touch and share your thoughts.

Better Than FTP

Drupal Association discusses why is moving away from the FTP protocol.


The Weather Channel’s Journey to Drupal

Mediacurrent's Dave Terry shares insight into the project. Using Drupal

Dries Buytaert discusses some of the challeges that Drupal solved for the Weather Channel.

Deployment and Development Workflows at Cherry Hill

Ashok Modi shares the Cherry Hill Company's deployment stack and how they use it to work on client projects

Headless Drupal with Head Fallback

Best Practices for Custom Modules

Strategies for Businesses Investing (In Drupal 8) Through Giving Their Employees Drupal Contribution Time

Cathy Theys of Blackmesh with the assistance of others in the community has created a guide to help companies contribute to Drupal 8.

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Configuration Management with Drush

Themes Now Use Libraries Exclusively, Not Individual Stylesheets or Javascript Files

This is a great change!


A Beginners Guide to the Drupal Services Module

I very nice intro to the Services module from OSTraining.

Drupal Update Hooks with Multiple Passes

If you are new to update hooks check out Daniel Sipos post.

Drushful Thinking

A really nice guide to Drush from Mike Crittenden of Phase2 with a lot of handy tips. Even if you use Drush every day you will likely see something you don't know about already.

Guide to Acquia Front End Specialist Certification


Drupal Console

Drupal 7 Fullcalendar

Drupal 7 Protected Pages Module

A Code Karate intro to the Protected Pages module.

Todo App with Restful Backend

TodoMVC with a RESTful Drupal backend.


COD 7.x-1.0-Beta5

Ctools 7.x-1.5

Drupal 7.34

Htaccess 7.x-2.2

Openoutreach 7.x-1.13

Panopoly 7.x-1.14

Restful 7.x-1.0-Rc1


Producing Rest Web Services in Drupal 7 - Baltimore Drupal Camp 2014


127 Using Entity Pilot for Content Staging in Drupal 8 with Lee Rowlands - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Meet Cal Evans ... Meet Jeffrey A. "jam" Mcguire - Acquia Podcast

Talking Drupal #74 Running a Drupal Camp


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