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Issue 16 January 5, 2012

Happy New Year! We kick off 2012 with 4 Drupal events to announce, some ideas for DA Board elections, and some cool articles to read.


Drupal Association Board Elections--Ideas and Input Needed

How should nominations work? Who should be able to vote during elections? What should the community "vetting" process of prospective candidates look like? Where and how should the actual elections themselves take place? Please take a few minutes and review the discussion and add your 2 cents.

Denver: Core office day? (Drupal core office hours update)

Drupal core office hours has the goal of helping people help with Drupal core. Jess (xjm), the voice behind @drupalcore on Twitter is proposing a sprint for Drupalcon Denver that takes the core office hours idea and expands it into a whole day event. Sounds like a great idea.


Drupal Downunder

January 13th & 15th in Melbourne, Australia.

Drupal ScienceCamp

January 21st & 22nd Cambridge Science Park, UK.

Sandcamp 2012

January 25th - 28th in San Diego, California.

San Diego Drupal Business Summit

January 26th in San Diego, California.

The Drupal Business Summit is a one-day executive briefing for CXOs, VPs, and other strategic decision makers designed to quickly deliver the insights you need to determine the impact that Drupal can have on your business.

Articles & Tutorials

Protocol Relative URLs in Drupal 7

Matt Farina has come up with a cool fix for the https cacheing issue he brought up last week.

Monitoring Varnish

Steven Jones of Computer minds shares how they use Monit to monitor Varnish. My question is, why is Varnish crashing so much?

Backward compatible APIs

Larry Garfield gets into the nitty gritty of backward compatibility and why we need to be working on more compatible and stable APIs now.

Message notify - Multilingual email notifications

Amitai Burstein describes how to set up multilingual email notifications using the Message and Message-notify modules.

Drupal 7 Using ctools' modal frames and field collection forms to create a better user experience

Dominique De Cooman shares a cool recipe for adding field content in groups/collections using a modal frame. This is a handy way to group your field content while keeping the user data entry simple.

Migrate sites from one Aegir to another

Using your email address as your Drupal username

I've long disliked the requirement of each user having a user name. It makes sense to have a user name on a lot of sites but sometimes it's a pointless requirement from the user's prospective. Matthew Grasmick gives us two options for using email addresses as user names.

Enhanced Wysiwyg Tools For The Point-and-Click Editor

Make your password protected devsite pull automatically from github

Lessons Learned from a Hacked Website

Digett's Art Williams tells the tail of a hacked Drupal 4.7 site. I suggest reading the comments on this post. Several commenters point out some things that Digett could have done to fix the issue faster.


Installing Barracuda Aegir

The screencast goes through the installation of high performance Barracuda Aegir stack on Ubuntu.


Recording of Chat With Dries: Drupal Core Development Process

The audio quality is pretty low but if wanna listen in, here you go.


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