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Issue 159 - October, 9th 2014

The Drupal 8 Beta 1 was released last week during DrupalCon Amsterdam!


Drupal 8.0.0 Beta 1 Released

"Drupal 8.0.0-beta1 has just been released for testing and feedback! This key milestone is the work of over 2,300 people who have contributed more than 11,500 committed patches to 15 alpha releases, and especially the 234 contributors who fixed 177 "beta blocker" issues."

DrupalCon Barcelona 2015

September 21st - 25th, 2015 in Barcelona.

This Month in Drupal Documentation

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State of Drupal Presentation (September 2014)

The Driesnote slides and video.

Q and a with Dries — All Questions and Answers Summarized from Drupalcon Amsterdam 2014

Read this if for nothing besides the hilarious photo at the top.

Drupalcon Amsterdam 2014: Drupal 8 Cmi on Managed Workflow

Drupalcon Amsterdam 2014: Decoupled Front-End and the Future

Great talk and discussion that follows about decoupled / headless Drupal.

Render Caching in Drupal 7 and 8

Catch this session from DrupalCon Amsterdam.

The Future of Functional Testing in Drupal 8 - Drupalcon Amsterdam


A Wordpress Guy Goes to Drupalcon

It's great to hear positive things about a DrupalCon from someone from the Wordpress community. I need to get myself to some non-Drupal events and write about it.

Drupal 8

Added a New Base Theme to Core Called Classy

Drupal 8 Will Have Something for Everyone to Love

Check out the Drupal 8 landing page for a really nice overview of the release from a product perspective.


Draggableviews and Custom Publishing Options, an Alternative to Nodequeue

This tutorial from Jason Want of Mediacurrent is like a three for one deal. He covers three different approaches to the problem as well as the pros and cons of each.

Exploring the Picture Element Module (Part 2)

Getting Started with Behat

You've heard of it and know you should start using it. Read this post and get started.

Using Dreditor to Triage Issues

Dreditor is great. Install it in your browser and start using it.


Drupal 7 Search Krumo Module

"The Drupal 7 Search Krumo Module extends the Devel module and makes it easier to debug PHP variables while developing Drupal modules or building Drupal themes."

Installing the Pardot Drupal Module

Mediacurrent's Jay Callicott walks us through the Pardot marketing automation module.

Restful Best Practices for Drupal

Headless, headless, headless. I think this may be the first time I have ever linked to a README file. That said, if you know what REST means I think you will find this informative or at least interesting.


Bean 7.x-1.8

Drupal 8.0.0-Beta1

Dummyimage 8.x-1.0-Alpha1

File_Entity 7.x-2.0-Beta1

Formblock 8.x-1.0-Beta1

Honeypot 8.x-1.18-Beta1

Isfield 8.x-1.2-Rc2

Layout_Plugin 8.x-1.0-Alpha1

Media 7.x-2.0-Alpha4

Metatag 7.x-1.2

Smart_Login 8.x-1.0-Beta1

Webform 7.x-3.21

Webform 7.x-4.1

Webprofiler 8.x-1.1-Beta1


Come to Badcamp 2014, the Biggest and Baddest Tech Camp! - Acquia Podcast

Drupalcon Latin America - Modules Unraveled

Drupaleasy Podcast 140: Oh *Beha*Ve! (Matthew Grasmick, Behat) Podcast 49 : Drupalcon Amsterdam


Drupalcamp Cebu

November 15th & 16th in Cebu City, Philippines.

DrupalCamp Ohio 2014

November 14th - 15th in Columbus, Ohio


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