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Issue 158 - October, 2nd 2014

The Drupal 8 Beta 1 release was pre-announced for this week by Dries in his keynote at DrupalCon Amsterdam.


Drupalcon Amsterdam 2014: Keynote: Dries Buytaert

Drupalcon Amsterdam, Day 2: From Memories to the Future

A nice recap of DrupalCon Amsterdam day two for those of us who were not able to attend. User Research Results: User Personas

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Scaling Open Source Communities

Dries Buytaert shares is thoughts about scaling Open Source communities and recommends a solution for how to build very large Open Source communities like the Drupal community. He discussed this in his Keynote this week.

Drupal 8

Data Visualisation of Who's Making Drupal 8

Chris Hilditch of Deeson has created a very cool tool that uses Drupal 8 git commits to create a data visualisation of Drupal 8 development

Drupal 8 Entity Cheat Sheet

"This Drupal 8 Entity cheat sheet contains frequently uses code examples, methods, classes and interfaces."

Global Menus (Primary Links, Secondary Links) Have Been Converted Into Blocks

l() and Url() Are Replaced by an Improved Url Generation API

Migrating Drupal 8 in Europe

Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8: Episode 8 - Answers to Your Burning Questions


3 Easy Ways to Create View Modes in Drupal 7

A easy to understand intro to Drupal view modes from Web Wash.

Adding Your Own Icon Fonts to Your Drupal Theme

Mediacurrent's Tobias Williams explains how you can create custom icon fonts and add them to your theme. Very useful post if you need to do this.

Debugging Drupal with Drush in Real Time with Phpstorm and Xdebug

Another nice tip for PhpStorm users from John Ennew of Deeson.

Drupal Architecture: Using Custom View Modes and Entity Reference for Building Landing Pages

Danny Englander from JacksonRiver explains one very flexible way to use Drupal's view mode functionality to control content display and assist with theming.

Exploring the Picture Element Module (Part 1)

Learn when and where to use the picture element with Mediacurrent's Mario Hernandez.

Using Php_Codesniffer in Phpstorm

If you are using PhpStorm this might be useful for you. I've been considering giving it a serious trial and have a similar code sniffer set up with SublimeText.


Commerce 2.x Stories - Addressing

Bojan Zivanovic explains the challenges with addresses and how they were addressed in Commerce 2.x. See what I did there.

Drupal 7 jReject Module

Drush Recipes Cookin' Up Sweet Beta Eats!

Environment Aware Drupal Sites

Learn how to setup the environment module, a module that allows you to define arbitrary environments. An example is setting up a local environment so you remember you are on the local version of your site.

Full Release! Erpal for Service Providers

ERPAL looks like a full featured and open source time tracker, invoicing and CRM system built with Drupal. If you want to own all of those things and control them it might be the ticket.

Introducing Openpublic 1.0: The Next Era of Digital Government

Prius Is in Alpha 15

A new theme for Drupal 8.


Context 7.x-3.3

Date 7.x-2.9-Alpha2

Drush_Recipes 7.x-1.0-Beta2

Erpal 7.x-2.0

Linkit 7.x-3.2

Modernizr 7.x-3.3

Openpublic 7.x-1.1

Services 7.x-3.10

State_Machine 7.x-2.6

Workflow 7.x-2.5-Beta1


119 the Classy Base Theme for Drupal 8 with Scott Reeves and David Hernandez - Modules Unraveled Podcast

"Consensus Banana"

Drupal Community Engagement for Businesses – Ruth Fuller - Acquia Podcast


Drupal Camp Serbia

October 30th - November 2nd, 2014 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Drupal Camp Sydney 2014

1st - 2nd November, 2014 at Fishburner Ultimo in Sydney Australia.


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