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Issue 155 - September, 11th 2014


Drupal Core Updates for September 4, 2014

Down to only one beta blocker issue!

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Drupalcon for Frontend Developers

Training Spotlight: Drupal 8 for Drupalistas

Training Spotlight: Views from the Ground Up


Better Development Through Emotional Intelligence

Enjoyed reading Fredric Mitchell's latest post on the Phase2 blog. A whole heartily agree that emotional intelligence is undervalued in our field.

Decoupling Drupal

In this Drupal Watchdog article Larry Garfield discusses using Drupal as part of a decoupled CMS

Testing, Testing, One... Two... Three...

Melissa Anderson discusses the Drupal Extension to Behat and Mink on the Drupal Watchdog

The Future of PHP ... at a Distance

Interested in the future of PHP? Read this guest post by Lukas Kahwe Smith on the Acquia blog.

Drupal 8

Extending a Widget for Numeric Fields

Unravelling the Drupal 8 Plugin System

Joe Shindelar does a masterful job of explaining the D8 plugin system on the Drupalize.Me blog.


Death to Field Arrays!

Derek DeRaps shares the awesomeness that is working with fields using EntityMetadataWrappers. If you are a Drupal Dev and have never heard of this you REALLY need to read this post.

How to Do a Combined Name Search

Mediacurrent's David Younker shares a handy Views tip.

Why You Should Not Always Use Drupal Features for Settings, and What You Can Use Instead

A really great recommendation on managing configuration in code by Blair Wadman.


Drupal 7 Node Class Module

Code Karate walks us through the Node Class module, a module that provides an easy way for site builders and themers to add a CSS class directly to the wrapper on the node.


Payment 7.x-1.11

Picture 7.x-2.7

Podcasts Podcast 47 : Drupal as a Services Platform

A lot of smart people talking about the services aspects of Drupal 8.

Drupodcast Drupal Podcast

Looking for a Spanish language Drupal podcast? Check this out.

Help Adam and Angie Build the Drupal Module Upgrader! - Acquia Podcast

The Drupal Project Application Process with Jeremy Rasmussen - Modules Unraveled Podcast


How Did Drupalcon Change Your Life?

Help Robert Douglas make the "Prenote" (The awesome session before the Keynote at DrupalCon) awesome by sharing how DrupalCon has impacted your career/life.


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