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Issue 15 December 29, 2011

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays. I thought this week would be more quiet than it's been, but it appears that the Drupal world is still busying sharing the knowledge. This week's theme seems to be migration and deployment.

As we close out 2011 I want to thank our loyal subscribers, supporters and sponsors for making the Weekly Drop a success. We are north of 400 subscribers and that feels really good. I'm very excited about what 2012 has in-store for this newsletter.

Cheers - Bob


Trainings Announced for DrupalCon Denver

Looks like the trainings being offered at DrupalCon Dever will be covering a wide array of topics. As a bonus if you register before the end of 2011 you will receive a cool DrupalCon T-shirt.

OpenPublish Alpha 3: Responsive and App-Ready

In Time For Christmas: Drupal Watchdog #2, Mobile Drupal


Drupal Deployment with Git Submodules

Randy Fay has a great write up explaining the strong and weak points in using Git Submodules in a Drupal deployment workflow.

Starting a Rapid Deployment Process

Tavish Armstrong of Evolving Web makes the case for rapid deployment and promises you can get a new production server up in under 20 minutes. He recommends using Chef. Seems like a lot more folks are talking about deployment lately.

Migrating a Drupal site between servers via Drush

Matthew Grasmick tells us how we can make migrating a Drupal site between servers an easy three step process with Drush.

Using apachebench (ab) with Drupal 7 to load test site with authenticated users

Consuming JSON feed using Feeds and JSONPath Parser

Drupalizing a web project

Some good advice on project planning Drupal style from NodeOne.

Drupal Does Not Respect https:// When Caching

Matt Farina explains a problem with https and Drupal's caching over at Engineered Web.

How to add JavaScript to Drupal 7

Károly Négyesi shares some handy info about custom Javascript in Drupal 7. Don't miss Matt Farina's comment as well.


Commerce Module Tuesday: Commerce Stock

In another one of Randy Fay's great screencasts he introduces us to the Commerce Stock module.

Presenting Ftools: Un-Link Features Elements safely

I think anyone who has used the great Features module has struggled with the issue that Linnovate's Yuval Perelman is trying to solve with the Features Tools module. The Problem goes like this, you create a feature and over time you wish you could break a specific configuration out from the rest of the feature module code. I haven't tried this module yet, but I hope it works as advertised.

Jay's Top 50 Drupal 7 Modules

Jay Callicott delivers a great list of Drupal modules.

MailChimp Now Integrates with Drupal 7

We use MailChimp for the Weekly Drop and I can attest to the Mailchimp module's awesomeness. Friendly Machine tells us why it's great.

Module Monday: Konami Code

Jeff shows us how to have a little fun with easter eggs using Konami Code.

5 Fields Modules for Drupal 7

Another good list post; this one from Digett.

Stage File Proxy - no more big file dumps

Keeping with the deployment theme, Stage File Proxy lets you download only the files you need to your staging for development site. This would be handy for those sites with multiple GB's in the /files directory. Can't wait to try this module out.


Drupal Facts

All you ever wanted to know about Drupal but were afraid to ask!


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