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Issue 146 - July, 10th 2014

News Team Week Notes #27 and all of it's sub sites are now on a CDN. Learn more about this and all of the work being done on the infrastructure.

Drupalcon Amsterdam 2014 Accepted Sessions

Looks like another great crop of sessions have been selected.

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Convince Your Boss to Send You to Drupalcon Amsterdam

Why should your company send you to DrupalCon? Here's some material that will help you make the case.

Session Selection for Drupalcon from the inside-Out

DrupalCon Amsterdam Coding and Development Co-Chair Cameron Tod explains how session selection works.


Bernt & Co’s Drupal Gotchas Second Edition

Wunderkraut's Bernt Andreas Drange has a nice collection of things that can trip you up when using and developing in Drupal land.

Drupal Wysiwyg Best Practices

Chapter Three's Matthew Vaughan shares his approach to setting up a Drupal 7 WYSIWYG.

Fostering Inclusivity and Diversity

Dries Buytaert discusses the challenge of fostering a diverse and respectful community. Worth a read.

Phonegap and Drupal 7 Data Synchronization for My Caribbean Offers App

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Core Sprints, August 7-10

Gábor Hojtsy shares the goods on two upcoming Drupal 8 sprints.

Launching Commerce on Drupal 8

Ryan Szrama shares the early planning stages of Commerce on Drupal 8. I like what I'm reading here.

The Drupal 8 Version of Entityfieldquery

Daniel Sipos gives a quick look at the entity.query service in Drupal 8 on Sitepoint.


A Very Brief Introduction on entity_metadata_wrappers

I absolutely love using entity_metadata_wrappers. If you write code and don't know why I love them read this post.

Migrate - Module for Data Import in Drupal

A nice tutorial covering migrating from Drupal 6 to 7 with the migrate module.

Using Sass Breakpoints Effectively

A great Sass and theming post from Mediacurrent's Kendall Totten.


Easier Configuration Development for Drupal 8

Chx announces he is now the maintainer of the config_devel module for Drupal 8.

Fix Drupal Registry with Registry Rebuild

Kristian Polso reminds us why Registry Rebuild is a drush extension everyone should have as a part of their development environment.

Local Drupal Development Made Easy with Stage File Proxy

I've linked to several posts about Stage File Proxy in the past but it's such a great tool that i'm going to link to this post on the Appnovation blog.

Pedal to the Drupal Metal: Views Accelerator

Views Accelerator modules states that turning it on can improve the performance of a view by 60%. I wonder if this could be added to the Views module.

The 20 Most Popular Drupal 7 Modules

Nice list of module from OSTraining.


Cod 7.x-1.0-Beta2

Coder 8.x-2.0-Alpha2

Drupal 8.0-Alpha13

Kalatheme 7.x-3.0

Webprofiler 8.x-1.1-Alpha13


Drupaleasy Podcast 134: Don’T Call It Devops - Kevin Bridges Podcast 44 : Drupalcon Session Selection


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