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Issue 144 - June, 26th 2014


Europe Drupal Foundation

The stated purpose of the Europe Drupal Foundation is to "... facilitate and grow the European Drupal community by addressing and solving the issues for our local community." I don't have much to report on but it'll be interesting to see this continue to develop.

Redesigned Profile Page: Your Feedback Needed!

Feedback will be collected until August 1st, and the layouts will be iterated over the next month and a half.

Sports Illustrated Unveils a New Web Design (Drupal) and a Fantasy Sports App

Not much talk about Drupal but I expect we will learn more about the build in the coming weeks.

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Amsterdam Session Submissions Overview

Checkout the DrupalCon Amsterdam sessions. There are a lot of them.


Checklist: 13 Things to Test Before Your Website Launches

A nice pre-launch checklist from Mediacurrent's Director of Marketing Adam Waid.

How to Manage Issues According to Your Priorities

Gábor Hojtsy offers great tips for productively working with issues on your projects on

Last Call Media Built with Drupal 8

Always interesting to read about folks that adopt a new Drupal version in the Alpha release stages.

The Great Drupal Multisite Debate

Pantheon's Josh Koenig outlines the case against multi-site Drupal. The post includes video from the DrupalCon Austin "Great Drupal Multisite Debate" BOF.

Drupal 8

5 Php Components Every Drupal 8 Developer Should Know: Part 1 -- Composer

In part one of this Drupal 8 series Kris Vanderwater covers installing and using Composer

Build a Drupal 8 Module: Routing, Controllers and Menu Links

Check out Daniel Sipos Drupal 8 module development series on the Sitepoint blog.

Leverage Drush 7 for Drupal 8

Learn to install Drush with Composer and use multiple versions of Drush on your system.

Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8: Episode 5 - Front-End Developer Improvements

Angie Byron explains why Front-end devs will love Drupal 8.


Automating Hook_Update_N in Install Profiles!

Bryan Ollendyke demos the Profiler Builder Extras module.

Creating an Infinite Scroll Masonry Block Without Views


Web Profiler in Drupal 8

Joe Fender introduces this Drupal 8 contrib module that will make your development work easier.


Commons 7.x-3.14

Prepopulate 7.x-2.0

Rooms 7.x-1.3


Backup and Migrate 3.x with Ronan Dowling - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Drupaleasy Podcast 133: Top Secret Drupal (Capital Camp and Gov Days)

Holly Ross in Conversation at NYC Camp 2014 - Acquia Podcast


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