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Issue 143 - June, 19th 2014


Drupal Association Adds Two New Board Members

The new members are Mike Lamb of Pfizer and Rob Gill of NBCUniversal.

Language, Twitter, Misunderstanding & Drupal Community

This week @mortendk announced that he has stepped down from his position on the Drupal Association Board. In this post he explains why.

About Today's Board Resignation

On behalf of the Drupal Association Dries addresses what will happen with the vacancy on the board created by Morten's resignation.

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All the Sprints at and Around Drupalcon Amsterdam

Get ready to sprint again, another DrupalCon will be here soon.

Drupal 8

1000 New Translatable Strings for Drupal 8 and the Future of

Gábor Hojtsy shares the good news about translations in Drupal and places where more work needs to be done. If you are looking to get involved in Drupal 8 this is great place to do that.

Drupal 8 Dependency Injection, Service Container and All That Jazz

After you read Larry Garfield's Object Oriented Programming post read this one from Web Omelette.

Drupal 8 External Libraries Galore!

Addison Berry outlines the new libraries in Drupal 8.

Migrate in 8, Drupalcon Post-Mortem

If you are wondering how Drupal 8 upgrades will work and why the Migrate module is now in core read this post from Acquia's Mike Ryan.

Object Oriented Programming 101

A nice and short primer on Object Oriented Programming from Larry Garfield from the latest issue of Drupal Watchdog.

Replaced "master/slave" Terminology with "primary/replica"


Building a Business Directory with Drupal

OSTraining's Steve Burge walks you through creating a directory in Drupal. This is great for those of you who are newer to Drupal.

Quick Tip: Syncing Databases Between Drupal Websites with Backup and Migrate

John Hannah explains how you can use destinations in Backup and Migrate module to sync Drupal databased.

Save Time Managing Features with Drush

New to using Features or Drush? Or maybe you don't use them together. You should read this post from BeFused and start using features from the commandline. It really is the best way to build your features.


Converting Drupal Text Formats with Pandoc

Adam Zimmermann explains how to use Pandoc to content from one format to another. For example, if you want to convert HTML to Markdown. Be sure to check out the example module.

Receive Desktop Notifications in Chrome for Tests

A really cool Chrome plugin from Lullabot's Sally Young.

Using Linkit to Link in Drupal

If you haven't tried Linkit module you don't know what you're missing. It one of my favorites for sure. Bruce Clingan explains why it's cool and how to set it up in this post.


Node_Convert 7.x-1.2

Panels 8.x-3.x-Dev

Picture 7.x-2.4

Quickpost_Bookmarklet 7.x-1.4

Rules 8.x-3.0-Unstable1

Scald 7.x-1.2


Drupalcon Austin and a New Job - Kris Vanderwater - Acquia Podcast

First Patch! Matt Moen and a Village of Contributors - Acquia Podcast


The Official Beatles Website

Another high profile site built with Drupal.


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