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Issue 14 December 22, 2011

This week we learn how to dig into the Views module code in addition to some very cool modules. Let us get to it. ~ Bob


Open Atrium 1.1: Faster, Stronger and More Secure

I've heard from some folks concerned about the future of Open Atrium, but it's pretty clear that Phase2 is supporting the Drupal intranet distro with this new release.

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Articles & Code

Ubercart 3 Vs. Drupal Commerce: The Choices for Drupal 7 Shopping Carts Get More Complicated

Ubercart was the clear choice for building a online store with Drupal until the release of Drupal Commerce for Drupal 7. Mark Royko has written a great comparison review of the two options.

Evolving Web: Developing With Views Part I: Describing your data to Views

In part 1 of a 2 part series Julia Evans gives a quick look at how views works and how you can give it access to your data.

Metal Toad: Drupal 7 Tutorial: Creating Custom Filters in Views

Another views post this week, this post from Jonathan Jordan of Metal Toad focuses on making custom filters.

Import form values from one form to another via AJAX

Exporting a Git Repository

Nicholas Thompson shares a tip for downloading code from as a tarball using a Git a one liner.

Adding first and last classes to your field items

Changing RSS Feed item links (and other data) in Drupal 7

One of my favorite improvements in Drupal 7 are the node view modes. Jeff Geerling gives us an example of how easy it is to modify these node views. It's a simple tip but if you are still getting your feet wet with Drupal 7 you may find this very handy.


How to deploy a feature module

This week we're featuring another video from Build a's "Change Management and Version Control" series. This time Chris is showing us how to deploy a feature module with git.

Selling Content with Drupal Commerce using Content Access and Roles

Randy Fay has been pushing out a ton of great Commerce screencasts lately and he has done it again demonstrating how you can sell access to content with Drupal Commerce.

ThemeKey : MustardSeed Video

Bob explores the ThemeKey module, a module that allows you switch your site's theme on a ton of conditions. This is a great module. I highly recommend it.

Drupal videos I watched last weekend

Steve Purkiss delivers a nice list of Drupal related videos from DrupalCamp Austin.


Adaptive Image

By now I think every person whose ever looked at any HTML has heard of Responsive Design. One issue that we face with mobile devices is trying to deliver files like images as quickly as possible. That's where Adaptive image module can help. It provides device-appropriate versions of images from your fields.

Commerce Module Tuesday: Commerce File (Screencast)

The Commerce Guys and Randy Fay are following in the footsteps of Lullabot with Commerce Module Tuesday. This week Randy introduces us to Commerce File module, a module that allows you to sell downloads.

Our top Drupal modules of 2011

Mike Dixon shares is top Drupal modules picks for 2011 including Workbench, Media and Views 3.

Module Monday: Slidebox

This week Jeff Eaton highlights the Slidebox module. Slidebox emulates the page slide feature used on the New York Times site.


DrupalEasy Podcast 70: Ryan Gets Religion

Mr. Anello and Mr. Price talk with Kristof De Jaeger (swentel on developer of Display Suite and contributor to the Sweaver project. Don't think I've mentioned Sweaver before but it is a really cool visual theme editor for Drupal.


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