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Issue 139 - May, 22nd 2014


Pantheon Raises $21.5M Series B

This week, Pantheon closed $21.5M in Series B financing. This should be a clue to the Drupal community that Drupal is maturing and changing. This is great news for Pantheon but also a good sign for the Drupal community in general.

Please Welcome Mike Lamb & Rob Gill to the Drupal Association Board of Directors

Vote! Blue Drop Awards 2014

Voting ends on May 26th so don't miss it.

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So You're Going to Drupalcon Austin. Now What?

"You've got your tickets to DrupalCon Austin. What happens next? This fun and helpful infographic maps out the next steps for you."


Add the Drupal Project to Your Professional Experience on Linkedin

If you maintain modules, patch bugs, organizing camps or otherwise work within the Drupal community did you know that you can add the Drupal project to your LinkedIn profile. I didn't.

Does Our Site Really Need Release Control and a Test Site?

If you've ever tried to make the case to a client or boss that you really need a dev/stage/prod workflow read this post on Monarch Digital.

Drupal Association Board Meeting Summary: 14 May 2014

Get a summary of what was covered in the latest Drupal Association meeting. This includes operations, DrupalCon Latin America, an update from the CTO, as well as an update on the at-large community board elections.

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Alpha 12 on May 21

The next alpha for Drupal 8 will be alpha 12. Click through for the complete schedule.

These Two Weeks in Drupal Core

Find out what has happened around Drupal 8 in the past couple weeks.

Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8: Episode 1 - Authoring Experience Improvements

Angie Byron begins a series covering the new awesome sause in Drupal 8.

Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8: Episode 2 - Mobile Improvements

In the second installment of this 8-part blog series Angie Byron covers the improvements in Drupal 8 around mobile.

Drupal 8 Is Responsive, but What Does That Mean?

Kyle Hofmeyer breaks down what is responsive about Drupal 8 in this post and video.

Configuration Storage Supports Collections - Change Records

Drupal 8 changes to configuration storage.

Hook_Watchdog() Removed - Watchdog() Deprecated - Change Records

In Drupal 8 watchdog has been refactored to an OO, PSR-3 compatible framework.

Theme Hook Suggestion for Node View Mode Added - Change Records

"This change adds new feature required by a huge number of developers and themers out of the box."


Add CSS Style to Drupal Views

Another great little views tutorial from Steve Burge of OSTraining.

Adding a Custom Extra Field to Entity / Node Display

I've been using the extra fields hook a lot lately. It's so handy. Tim Kamanin has a simple example of a use case.

Creating Custom Panels Layouts & Content Types

Panels is everywhere these days and making your own layouts is pretty easy. Jonathan Adams of Phase2 shows us how.

Drupal 7 Image Styles

"The Image Styles modules is part of Drupal 7 core modules. While simple, this module is a backbone to an enormous amount of use cases within Drupal."


Drupal 7 Commerce Coupon

This edition of Code Karate covers the Commerce Coupon module.

Drupal 7 Commerce Stripe Module

I love Stripe. They are by far my favorite payment processor to deal with and this week CodeKarate has produced a video covering the Strip module for Drupal.

Site Audit

Site Audit is a collection of Drush commands that analyze a site for compliance with Drupal best practices.


Akamai 7.x-2.0

BUeditor 7.x-1.8

Fate 7.x-1.1

Imce 7.x-1.9

Themekey 7.x-3.2


Amitai Burstein: Zariz - Continuous Deployment for Content - Acquia Podcast

More from Jam's Drupal Camp!

For the Love of the Content Editors

Another video from Jam's Drupal Camp.

Podcasts Podcast 42 : Content Delivery Networks (Cdns)

The Community Summit at Drupalcon Austin with Addison Berry and Mortendk - Modules Unraveled Podcast


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