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Issue 137 - May, 8th 2014


Announcing Our Keynote Speakers

The keynote speakers are Dries Buytaert, Erynn Petersen and Hugh Forrest.

Announcing Newest Software Working Group Members!

Cathy Theys (YesCT) and David Hernandez (davidhernandez) are joining the Software Working Group.

Want to Be a Core Contributor? Drupal 7 Needs You!

Mike Gifford points out that Drupal 7 is going to be around for several more years and we need to backport fixes from Drupal 8 to 7. This is a great way to get involved in core contribution.

Sustainable Drupal Core Development? Drupal Core Gittip Team, a New Funding Effort.

YesCT updates us on the Drupal Core Gittip Team?

Drupal 7 Core Release on Wednesday, May 7 (Or Thursday, May 8)

From Our Sponsor


Drupalfund Helped Get Tess to Drupalcon 2014 in Austin!

Very cool story about our community supporting a Drupal contributor using Drupalfund.

Using Page Tables to Deliver Meaningful Design

Nica Lorber shares how Chapter Three uses Page tables as a key step between discovery and design.

Drupal 8

#d8Rules: Support the Rules Module for Drupal 8

(Alex Pott) Joining Chapter Three

If have been following Drupal 8 core maintainer Alex Pott and his quest to work on Drupal core you will be happy to know that he will be doing so for Chapter Three.

Announcing Next Search Api D8 Sprint

June 13th - 15th in Belgium.

Let's Debug Twig in Drupal 8!

Learn to debug Twig with's Amber Matz.

This Week in Drupal Core - April 30Th 2014

Get caught up on the past couple of weeks in Drupal 8 development.


Build a New Drupal Homepage with Panels

If you want to dip your toe into the waters of Panels be sure and check out OSTraining's tutorial.

Conditionally Open a Link in a New Tab in Views Without the Php Filter

A nice views tip from Mediacurrent's Michelle Williamson.

Custom Formatters for Easy Drupal Embeds

Steve Burge(OSTraining) highlights a cool module called Custom Formatters. I don't think this module gets enough attention for being as awesome as it is.

Drush Sql-Dump and Sql-Sync - Skip Specific Tables

A handy tip from Sivaji Ganesh of Knack Forge.

Exporting Custom Date Formats in Drupal

A really nice tutorial from David Lanier of ThinkShout.


Presentation: Drupal Performance Tips and Tricks

There's some really handy performance info in the PDF.


Drupal 7 Recaptcha Module

A video intro from Code Karate.

Restful Module

This looks really really cool. "The goal of RESTful module is to allow us to expose a versionable API which is as good as Github, or Flickr, or any other proper REST service.."

Roomify Update: Build You Own Airbnb with Drupal

A property/room management module from Bluespark Labs.

Webform Options by Bundle

Brian Altenhofel announced his sandbox module that allows you to expose nodes as options in a webform. That could be pretty handy.


Aegir 2.1

Boost 7.x-1.0

Devel 7.x-1.5

Fape 7.x-1.2

Fate 7.x-1.0

Flag 7.x-3.5

Menu_Block 7.x-2.4

Mollom 7.x-2.10

Omega 8.x-5.x-Dev

Openatrium 7.x-2.18

Openoutreach 7.x-1.6

Panopoly 7.x-1.5

Rules 7.x-2.7

Zen 7.x-5.5


Drupal 8 and Business Opportunities – Paul Wander - Acquia Podcast


Announcing Jam’S Drupal Camp - Open Source Virtual Show and Tell

What a great idea!

MoldCamp 2014

May 17th - 18th, 2014 in Chisinau, The Republic of Moldova.


Get Drupalcon Austin Sprint Lead, Brian Gilbert (Realityloop), to Drupalcon Austin

Help Brian Gilbert come to DrupalCon Austin and lead sprints.


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