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Issue 135 - April, 24th 2014


Drupal 7.27 and 6.31 Released

These new releases are a response to the discovery of security vulnerabilities detailed in the next link. Upgrading is strongly recommended.

Sa-Core-2014-002 - Drupal Core - Information Disclosure

Please read the full breakdown of this issue but it affects sites that expose Ajax or multi-step forms to anonymous users.

Drupal Association Board Meeting Summary: 16 April, 2014

Highlights include an update on key metrics, the procurement policy, the at-large elections and terms, and finally the first quarter financials and annual audit.

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How Drupal and Open Source Are Helping Youth Rise from Poverty in Africa

A very cool story.

The Case Against Drupal Base Themes

Friendly Machine's John Hannah explains why he thinks themers should build their own themes.

Use Drupal Vagrant Rsync Feature to Maximize Performance

Jonathan Bardo explains why this new feature in the latest release of Vagrant is a huge improvement for Drupalers.

Drupal 8

Approachable Tasks for Drupal 8 Beta 1

Looking to get your feet wet with Drupal 8? Contribute!

Continuous Integration Efforts Get Easier with Drupal 8

Allan Chappell discusses continuous integration and behavioral driven development

Default Active Config Changed from File Storage to DB Storage

If you are curious about this change read the change log :)

Drupal 8 Theming Basics – Hajas Tamás

A nice summary of Drupal 8 theming.

Hiding Form Fields in Drupal 8

Joe Fender highlights a very handy feature in Drupal 8 on the Drupalize.Me blog.

This Week (Or Two or Three) in Drupal Core

Big updates on the CMI (Configuration Management) front as well as the usual status updates.


5 Tips to Debug Drupal Front-End with Chrome Devtools

Some very handy tips from David Corbacho on the Wunderkraut blog.

Logfile Handling - Are You Visualizing Your Logfiles?

If you want to get serious about logging Drupal sites you should check out this post from Bastian Widmer on the Amazee Labs Blog.

Personalized Content Feeds in Drupal

A great OSTraining tutorial from Steve Burge that not only teaches beginners how to create a powerful feature in personal content lists, but also how to use contextual filters in Views.


Control Context Using Context Entity Field in Drupal 7

Over on Web Wash, Ivan Zugec introduces us to Context entity field. This module lets you set a condition that checks the value of a field on an entity. This sounds very powerful.

Paragraphs: Content Editing Reinvented

The Paragraphs module is a very interesting one. I took it for a quick spin and it is very similar to the field collection module.


Commerce_Kickstart 7.x-2.14

Df 7.x-1.0-Beta4

Heartbleed 7.x-1.0

Restaurant 7.x-1.0-Alpha2

Webform 7.x-4.0-Rc3


Developing the Acquia Certification Program - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Developing the Acquia Certification Program with Heather James, Ben Ortega, Peter Manijak and Prasad Shirgoankar.

Paul Wander on Php and Open Source in the Enterprise - Acquia Podcast

Toadcast 22 - Metal Toad


Drupalcon Amsterdam 2014

September 29th - October 3rd, 2014 Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Heyo, I'm Addison "add1Sun" Berry. Ama!

Addison Berry's (Director of Education at Drupalize.Me) did an AMA.


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