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Issue 134 - April, 17th 2014


The Drupalcon Austin Schedule Is Live

This is going to be fun.

From Our Sponsor


Calling All Mentors!

Mentors are needed at DrupalCon Austin. You don't need to be a Drupal ninja to help. It is a very rewarding experience.

Symfony Community: A Special Invitation to Drupalcon Austin

"If you’re interested in Drupal or Symfony, come to DrupalCon Austin. You will be glad you did!"


An Inheritable Install Profile Architecture for Drupal

Kevin Champion discusses why install profiles are needed and ImageX's work to make them better with InstallKit.

How Fast Does Drupal Grow in China? a Perspective from DrupalCampChina 2014

Very interesting to see Drupal becoming more and more popular in China.

Drupal 8

D8FTW: Rolling Out the Welcome Mat

"Drupal 8 won't just be easier to learn for existing PHP developers. It will be easier to learn for existing developers, period." ~ Larry Garfield

Drupal8 Theme Debug

Be sure to watch Morten's screencast showing off twig debug.

NYC Camp Media Sprint Report

Janez Urevc gives us the scoop about the Media module and Drupal 8.

Watch as I Try to Upgrade This Module to Drupal 8.

Chris Eastwood shares his experience upgrading one of his modules for Drupal 8. Great post.


3 Ways to Prompt for User Input in Drush

Handy for anyone writing custom Drush commands for their module.

Add Links to Fields in Views

A great tutorial for Drupaler's new to Views rewriting from OSTraining.

Best Practices for Using Drupal's Cron System: hook_cron()

Great set of tips from Justin Emond of Third and Grove.

How to Reliably Test Sandbox Projects Using the Testbot Locally

Nick Veenhof share a Vagrant and Docker setup you can use to test sandbox projects.

Live Tutorial on Using Bootstrap with Drupal Today!

Top 10 Drush Commands - Follow Up

A great list of drush commands for your use from Blair Wadman of BeFused.


"But That's Easy in Drupal, Isn't It?"

This is as much of article about sharing your work on as it is a post about about the Views Aggregator Plus module. Worth a read.

Comparing Membership Entity and Organic Groups Modules for Membership Websites

As great as Organic Groups module is, it's not the right choice for every membership project. If you are considering OG for a project you might want to read this post about the Membership Entity module.

Drupal Site Map Module

After taking a break from screencasts Code Karate is back this week.


Isolate Your Drupal Sites with Docker and Puppet

Nick Schuch's talk from the Drupal Melbourne meetup.


Drulenium 7.x-1.0-Beta5

Entityreference_View_Widget 7.x-2.0-Alpha3

League 7.x-1.0-Beta4

Openatrium 7.x-2.16

Views_Send 7.x-1.0


Content Branching and Static Site Generation Using Zariz with Amitai Burstein - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Sensio Labs Uk - Lessons and Chances from Drupal 8 Early Adoption - Acquia Podcast


Drupalcamp Scotland

May 9th & 10th, 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland.


27 Funny, Imaginative and Odd Drupal Logos

A collection of various Drupal logos from OSTraining.


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