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Issue 133 - April, 10th 2014

News Response to Heartbleed Security Incident

You probably have already heard about this but early this week a vulnerability in OpenSSL was announced. Joshua Mitchell outlines what steps were taken to protect Team Week Notes #23: Drupal Dev Days Szeged

Updates for, Responsive Bluecheese theme, and the testbot.

Themer Survey 2014

The Drupaltwig group is looking for answers and advice to guide the direction of the Drupal theme system. If you want Drupal 8 to theming to rock a few moments to complete this survey.

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Are You Ready for Drupal 8?

DrupalCon Austin will feature 30(!) sessions dedicated to Drupal 8.


Defining Our Roles in the Drupal Community

If you care about the role and mission of the Drupal Association please take a few moments to read this post.

Running Drupal on Openshift from Red Hat

Andy Thornton provides an introduction to OpenShift which is an intriguing platform for launching web applications including Drupal.

Thoughts on a "devops" Working Group?

"Unlike other working groups, is not the explicit focus of this effort. The deliverables of this group would be a set of materials that could be generically applied as components of any technological effort that involves Drupal."

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 and the Slow Death of IE8

This Week-Ish in Drupal Core: April 2, 2014

51 critical issues were fixed in Drupal 8 during the month of March. Wow.

What Next for Me? Drupal 8 Funding and More

Drupal 8 core committer Alex Pott who quit his job to work on Drupal core is seeking employment and will no longer be working on Drupal 8 full time in May.


Adding a Pseudo Field

The hook_field_extra_fields is a handy hook to get to know. This is not the first post I've linked to that discusses it.

Create Your Own Tokens in Drupal 7

Creating a Tracking Pixel with Drupal

NIffty tutorial from Justin Emond of Third and Grove.

How to Create a Custom Display Suite Field

Making Targeted Drupal Cache Clears Using Drush

Bryan Braun has posted a primer covering Drush cache clearing and how to use it effectively. If you have a deep knowledge of Drush you probably won't learn anything new here, but if you are just getting started with Drush it's worth a read.

Object-Oriented Page Callbacks for Drupal 7


Commerce Marketplace Payments

This is an interesting project that turns Drupal Commerce into a platform similar to Etsy or Ebay where multiple sellers can receive payments from customers.

Drupal Theme Generator Update

I think Darren Mothersele is on to something good with his Theme Generator. If you a are a themer you should check out what he is working on.


Adminimal_Theme 7.x-1.3

Coffee 7.x-2.2

Entity 7.x-1.5

Jquery_Update 7.x-2.4

Node_Expire 7.x-1.2

Relation 7.x-1.0-Rc5


Drupal 8 + Symfony - "This Is What Open Source Is All About" - Acquia Podcast


Drupalcamp Spain 2014

May 16th - 18th 2014, in Valencian, Spain.


Glossary -

If are looking for a glossary of Drupal terms there's a great one on


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