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Issue 132 - April, 3rd 2014


Drupal 8 Alpha 11 on April 23

DrupalCon Austin Sessions Are Posted!

This is going to be a great DrupalCon. I just have a feeling about this.

An Updated Look for the Drupal Association

New badges from the Drupal Association! More visual updates are on the way as well.

Meetup Kit

Are you a Drupal User group organizer? Please check out this post and share the problems you have experienced organizing your Drupal group.

Proposed Conflict Resolution Policy

Help make the Drupal Code of Conduct better by offering your thoughts on the proposed Conflict Resolution Policy.

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10 Things You Should Be Doing on Your Drupal Site

Nice list of tips from Web Omelette.

Basic Drupal Terminology

New to Drupal? There's a lot of domain specific language. We call it Drupaleze and Michelle Williamson from Mediacurrent can help.

Drupal Dev Days Szeged, Or: Why You Should Attend Every Camp You Can

Campbell Vertesi makes a great case for attending Drupal Camps. Totally agree that they are worth your time.

Drupal Theme Generator Demo

Darren Mothersele has a cool proof of concept that you themers and front end folk will want to take a look at. Darren also mentions the Brad Frost's Atomic design process which was new to me.

Practical Guide to PSR-0 and PSR-4

I can always count on Matt Farina to explain things in a way I can understand. This post did not disappoint.

Taking the Acquia Certified Drupal Developer Exam

More info from an early test taker.

Testing Drupal Data Migrations with Casperjs

Why Teaching Agile Is a Core Part of Our Business

Drupal 8

Fields Theming in Drupal8, Kill the Divitis

Thank you Morten! Thoughts and help needed to help kill the endless divs in our fields!

Questionnaire Confirms: Designers Aren't Clear How to Help Drupal 8

Justin Harrell shares the responses from his Catching the Community Train blog post.

The Page Model in Drupal 8

Sam Boyer's Midcamp slides are worth a look.


A Sub-Theme of a Drupal Sub-Theme


A Closer Look at Entity Forms

A nice intro to the Entity Forms module from Chaz Chumley of Forum One. Chaz outline why you might want to give Entity Forms a try instead of using Webform module.

Drupal Theming: Adding Font Awesome Icons to Menu Items

Danny Englander shares how easy it is to add the icon font from Font Awesome to your Drupal theme on the High Rock Media Blog.

Make Your Life Easier with Coffee!

If you like Quicksilver, Launchbar, or Alfred you will probably dig Coffee. I tried it a long time ago and may need to revisit it.

Quick and Dirty Price & Stock Updater with Editable Views

Learn how to update the pricing and stock values on your Drupal Commerce from a single page on the Drupal Commerce blog.

Using Environment Indicator in Drupal 7

Learn how you can avoid forgetting you are NOT on your dev site by reading this tutorial from Web Wash and using the Environment Indicator module.


Entityform 7.x-2.0-Beta3

Registry_Rebuild 7.x-2.2


101 Building an Epublishing Platform Using Drupal Modules with Liang Shen - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Drupaleasy Podcast 126: Where Is Yugoslavia? (Théodore Biadala)

Getting the Most Out of a Code Sprint - Drupalsouth Shows Us How - Acquia Podcast


Drupal Open Days 2014

May 16th - 17th in Dublin, Ireland.

MoldCamp 2014

May 17th - 18th, 2014 in Chisinau, The Republic of Moldova.


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