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Issue 131 - March, 27th 2014


Drupal 8.0-Alpha10

Acquia Certification for Drupal

This week Dries announced on his blog that Acquia will be providing a Drupal certification called "Acquia certified". Drupal certification has always been a galvanizing topic in our community but I would like to note that Acquia is calling this "Acquia Certification". Not Drupal certification. This may seem like a minor point but I see a lot of people making assumptions that are just out of line.

Drupalcon Latin America 2015 Site Is Selected

Bogota, Colombia was selected and will be in February of 2015.

And the Drupal Job Board Will Be Built By...

The latest on the Job Board.

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Austin Instant Replay - Drupalcon Austin 2014

Interesting infographic about session submissions for DrupalCon Austin.


Drupal Core Committer Takes Acquia Certification Exam

Webchick offers her thoughts on the experience of going through the Acquia Certification. Worth reading if you are curious about the process.

Drupal 8

An Introduction to Twig in Drupal 8 Themes

Interested in what Twig looks like in Drupal 8? Check out this post from OSTraining.

Drupal 8 Now: Psr-0 Code in Drupal 7

Lee Rowlands of PreviousNext explains PSR-0 and how you can use it in Drupal 7.

The Block System Is Finally Useful in Drupal 8

Kyle Hofmeyer walks through the Drupal 8 block system in this Drupalize.Me post and video


Drupal 7 Tutorial: Using Entityqueue with Views

Metal Toad's Jonathan Jordan shows you how to use Entityqueue queues with Views to display content sorted by their position in the queue.

My Top 10 Drush Commands

Drush is awesome. Having Drush commands at my finger tips saves me a lot of clicking in the Drupal admin interface and ultimately makes me more productive. If you are new to Drush, you might find the…


Drush Commands - a Core and Contrib Command Reference for Drush

Wow! This is a cool site for quickly looking up Drush commands in multiple versions of Drush.

Sitebase Profile

Thomas Svenson has an interesting sandbox project worth checking out. "Sitebase is a pure Drupal 7 Core based install profile. It will not include any contributed modules or themes."

Videos on Using Linkit with Ckeditor in Drupal

Linkit is a great addon to your WYSIWYG editor. If you haven't tried it check this out these videos from OSTraining.


Drupalcamp London Session: Demo Framework

Annika Clarke presentation of the Demo Framework install profile.


Adaptivetheme 7.x-3.2

Coder 8.x-2.0-Alpha1

Entity 7.x-1.4

Node_Expire 7.x-1.1

Openchurch 7.x-1.12

Schema 7.x-1.2

Stage_File_Proxy 7.x-1.5

Youtube 7.x-1.2


100 Starting a New User Group with Micah Godbolt - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Fabrice Bernhard - Symfony2 and Drupal: Working Together Is Working Better - Acquia Podcast

Mediacurrent Joins Business in the Morning to Discuss Drupal, Virtual Team, and

A great interview with Jason Smith and Dave Terry about Drupal,, and Mediacurrent. This is a great interview if you've been curious about the Drupal project.


Drupal Camp South Carolina

April 19th 2014 in Columbia, South Carolina

NYC Camp 2014

April 10th - 13th, 2014 in New York City.


Send Flag for Drupal 8 Developer to Drupalcon!

Help send Tess Flynn to Drupalcon Austin 2014 so I get over those last few hurdles to get Flag module 8.x out when Drupal 8 releases!


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