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Issue 124 - February, 6th 2014


Chx Stepping Down from Drupal Core Work

Chx has been a fixture in core development for a long time. In this post he says after the D8 Migrate work is complete he will no longer work on core issues. I won't rehash what Chx says in his post but this seems like a good move.

Global Training Days Coming Up

February 28th or March 1st.


Creating a 'the Verge'-Like Site with Panopoly

Deeson Online's Annika Clarke shares how they have used Panopoly to provide content editors more options with the layout of their content.

The Show Must Go On

Another Drupal agency supporting an awards show site with huge traffic demands. Metal Toad and the Emmy's.

What Does Success Look Like?

Mediacurrent's Dave Terry shares solid advice for web agencies.

What Makes a Successful Consulting Project?

Greg Dunlap had me at the first paragraph. A great read from the Lullabot blog. I particularly like this bit. "As consultants, our job is not to make a site with the best possible architecture, but to make a site with the best possible architecture within the framework of the client's priorities." Well said Greg.

White Paper: Drupal & Integration

Achieve Internet has produced a well done white paper coving Salesforce integration. It's free as well(email signup required).

Why Your Site Should Be Using HTTPS

100% agree. Most sites should be using TLS.

Drupal 8

Change Records Now Needed Before Commit

A very good move.

Critical Gaps in Drupal Core Js

Théodore Biadala gives us the low down on two issues. No testing and no visible documentation.

D8 to D3: Using Drupal for Data Visualization

A cool application of Drupal 8 from Bruno De Bondt.

D8FTW: Breadcrumbs That Work

Larry Garfield, "Breadcrumbs have long been the bane of every Drupal developer's existence." Amen! Apparently this will no longer be the case in Drupal 8! Look for more D8FTW articles from Palantir.

Drupal 8: Creating a Custom Field - Part 2: Field Widget

A nice tutorial from Jo Fitzgerald of ComputerMinds.

Webprofiler Toolbar Integration for Drupal 8

The Symfony toolbar in Drupal? A possible replacement for Devel module? Yes please!


Advanced Testing of Drupal Emails with Behat and Testingmailsystem

Drupal + Email + Behat. Sounds like a very good idea.

Configuring Views to Correctly Display Repeating Date Fields

Dates sound easy, but repeating dates or events are tricky. Mediacurrent's Alex McCabe from Mediacurrent has it down. Don't bang your head against this. Read his walk through.

Drupal & Entity Reference

How to make a custom entity reference selection handler.

How I Customized My Drupal Slideshow

Chapter Three's Gabe Guevara has written a nice tutorial on how to build a full featured slideshow.

How to Batch Assign Taxonomy Terms to Nodes Using Views Bulk Operations

Views Bulk Operations should be a part of every Drupal developer/site builder's toolbelt. If you haven't tried it, what are you waiting for?

How to Use Bootswatch Themes in Drupal 7

Need a quick and pretty theme? Web Wash has your answer. Bootstrap themes in your Drupal themes. Also check out the comments where the Radix theme is mentioned.


Developer Deep Dive: Drupal Panelizer, Architecting Landing Pages

Panelizer module provides "... the ability to customize content and design as if it were its own little microsite, but still fitting within the Drupal node editing structure."

Essential Drupal Development Tools

A really nice list of Drupal development modules and tools from Blair Wadman of BeFused.

Incremental Imports of Archival Content with Feeds

Feeds module is a work horse of a module. I've been using it for years for many things. Joe Turgeon from Phase2 share another use for this module.

Panopoly 1.1 - Released!

If you haven't tried Panopoly, or you haven't looked at it in a while check out this post from SystemSeed and go take Panopoly for a spill. It's came a long way.

Using and Abusing the Configuration Management Module for Drupal 7

Mike Crittenden offers a good review with pros and cons of the Configuration Management module. The CM module is an alternative to the Features module.


Node_Expire 7.x-1.0

Openchurch 7.x-1.11

Panopoly 7.x-1.1


Drupal Hosted This Year's 56th Annual Grammy Awards - Podcast

Janez Urevc on Media in Drupal 8 - Acquia Podcast

The Master Module with Johannes Haseitl - Modules Unraveled Podcast


Charlotte Drupal Drive-In

February 22nd, 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Drupalcamp Mumbai

Saturday, February 8, 2014 in Yantra Park, Mumbai.

Drupalsouth Wellington 2014

February 14th - 16th, 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand.


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