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Issue 121 - January, 16th 2014


Be the First to Buy a Ticket to Drupalcon Austin

Get your early bird tickets for $400 before April 4th.

D8 Alpha 8 on Jan. 22; New Commit Schedule for Drupal 8 Alpha Releases

Changes are being made around the alpha releases of Drupal 8. The week before each release only critical and major patches will be committed. After an alpha release a "disruption week" will follow when more complex patches can be committed to D8.

Dates for 2014 Global Training Days

Official dates for 2014 Global Training Days have been announced. Friday, February 28 (or Saturday, March 1). Friday, May 30 (or Saturday, May 31). Friday, August 29 (or Saturday, August 30). Friday, November 14 (or Saturday, November 15).

Join the First Association Board Meeting of 2014

The meeting is happening on January 15 at noon Pacific time (GMT-8).

From Our Sponsor

Drupal 8

This (Three) Weeks in Drupal Core - January 10th 2014

"What's new with Drupal 8? It's been three weeks since our last 'This week in core' post, but with holidays providing a welcome break for many, core development has continued at its usual rapid pace.…"

Why We're Skipping Upgrading to Drupal 7

When Drupal 8 is released I suspect we will see quite a few Drupal 6 sites being upgraded to 8. It just makes a lot more sense.


Embedding Responsive Iframes in Your Drupal Site

PreviousNext's Nick Schuch share how they have implemented responsive iframes for their clients.

Internationalization and Drupal - Part Two

Mediacurrent's James Rutherford explains how to configure Drupal to use different languages, and demonstrats how to translate content into the enabled languages.

Remove Duplicate Views Results

OSTraining's Steve Burge offers a couple of options to deal with duplicate views results. Just be careful as some of these settings have performance consequences.

Sending a Drupal Site Into Retirement

Karen Stevenson offers great advice. Convert that neglected old Drupal site to a static archive. It had never occurred to me that you could use GitHub Pages to host the sites. Great tutorial.


Display Bootstrap Components Using Views Bootstrap

Place Blocks inside Your Content with Eba

James Williams of ComputerMinds shares Entity Block Attachment (EBA) module, a module that allows site builders to embed blocks in entities like nodes. It is very similar to the EVA module.


Aegir 2.0

Commons 7.x-3.7

Entity 7.x-1.3

Media 7.x-1.4

Navbar 7.x-1.3

Nodeaccess 7.x-1.1

Nodeaccess 7.x-1.2


Drupalcon Face to Face in Prague 2013 [5:44]

Blink Reaction has produced an absolutely beautiful video for the Drupal Association with highlights from DrupalCon Prague.


091 Pinger and with Chris Hertzog - Modules Unraveled Podcast


Sandcamp 2014

January 23rd - 25th in San Diego, California.


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