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Issue 12 December 8, 2011

Another week of good posts for Themers and Developers. Now, let's get to it.


Drupal 7.10 released

Looks like it's time to go to the good ole update.php page. This release only includes bug fixes. No security fixes this time around.

Learn from the Best: New Training Sessions Available for DrupalCon

Drupal Association News: New membership directory

Looks like the Drupal Association has been busy improving the site. A few weeks back I requested support on an issue with the site and was pleased with the responsiveness of their team. It's good to see improvements like this.

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Drupal Summit Latino

January 19th - 21st Guadalajara, Mexico.

SandCamp 2012

January 27th & 28th San Diego, California USA.


Chain of Pain: Sending new user login info

Emma Jane shares her experience creating a bunch of user accounts programmatically & trying to give the new users access. Several solutions are in the comments. I **know** some of you have felt this pain before.

Building a Custom Drupal Image for Vagrant

Matt Butcher gives us a handy tutorial on how to set up a Drupal installation with Vagrant. I've mentioned Vagrant here before. It basically makes building & sharing VM's very easy. Most of you Drupal heads should be using it.

Planning for DrupalCon Denver's content schedule

Ben Jeavons discusses the schedule pages for DrupalCon Denver and gives us a sneak peek of the design of this page. As someone who has tried to design conference schedules in the past, it ain't easy. It looks like they are going in the right direction.

Varnish device detection and redirect to mobile site

Organic Groups for Drupal 7

Karen Stevenson of CCK & Date Module fame gives us a great overview of Organic Groups for Drupal 7. OG was completely re-written for D7. There are a lot of new features use cases. Check it out folks.


Exporting your module configuration using Ctools or with custom code - when to use which method?

Before you decide whether to use Features or Ctools give Baris Wanschers post a read.

Using Features' component alter hooks to export components with dynamic elements

CTools plugins system

Yuriy Gerasimov, contributor to the Services module explains how to use the CTools plugin system in your module.


An Inside Look at the Omega Theme

Kendall Totten of Mediacurrent delivers a really good overview of the Omega theme which is a great theme.

How to Style An Event Calendar in Drupal 7


How to create, deploy and clean up a hotfix branch

Chris over at is doing something cool for Weekly Drop readers. Each week you get access to a video that would normally require a subscription. This week you can learn more about Git workflows. Specifically how to handle hotfixes. We've all been there, you find a bug that has to be fixed asap. What's the best practice for keeping these fixes organized in version control? Learn in just a few minutes over at

Commerce Event Registration

Bob Christenson of Mustardseed gives us an overview of his Commerce Event Registration Feature. His feature allows you to use Webform module forms with Drupal Commerce to sell event tickets. Bob has updated the code on Github to remove the need for using the PHP input filter he mentions in the video.

Badcamp 2011 Video!

Hadn't heard about the video from BadCamp and on a whim I thought I would check As of this writing there are 61 videos posted. There were some good sessions at this year's camp, so they're worth a look.


Drupal Media Files Now Available Via Solr Search

Achieve Internet announces a new module that extends Apache Solr search to include files. From the overview this sounds like a great module.

Module Monday: Absolute Messages

If you've ever wanted to tweak and control Drupal status messages check out Jeff Eaton's post about Absolute Messages module.


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