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Issue 116 - December, 12th 2013


The Next Step For Drupal 8 Is A Beta

With the move away from update.php to the migrate module the path to the first Drupal 8 beta is becoming more clear. Dries states that there are currently 48 beta blocking issues.


Michael Hess New Security Team Lead

Welcome Michael Hess who is taking the position previously held by Greg Knaddison.

2014 Leadership Plan And Budget - Community Call Recording


5 Steps To Build A Great Drupal Team: Step 4: Posting Jobs

Heather James continues her great series on building a Drupal team with a nice mention of TheWeeklyDrop's job listings.

Things I Learned From Managing My First Project

A great article from Emma Jane Westby anyone that works on projects with a team or with clients should read. I think that covers most of you.


Porting A Contrib Theme To Drupal 8: Get Twig-Gy With It

This (Two!) Weeks In Drupal Core: December 4, 2013

Migrate core patch, overlay is dead, Drupal 8 Alpha6 and much more in this weeks Drupal 8 roundup from Webchick.

Guide To Drupal 8

A great collection of Drupal 8 resources from the crew at Mediacurrent.

Why Drupal 8 Should Drop Rdfa (And Microdata) In Favor Of JSON

Lin Clark makes a strong case, though I admit this is not an area where I have much knowledge.


Add "i Agree With Tos" Checkbox To User Registration Form

A simple and handy snippet if you needs for a Terms of service are basic from

Syncing Sites With Drush

Ted Bowman shows us how we can use Drush to speed syncing your local database from the remote one. This is a serious time saver. Read this post and set up Drush aliases. Just do it.

Remote Drupal/php Debugging With Xdebug And Phpstorm

With PHPStorm taking the Drupal world by storm Randy Fay offers this great tutorial. Sorry, I know. I just couldn't resist the joke.

Creating A Custom Drush Command

Guess what. It's not that hard. Also check out drushify in the Projects section.

Display Suite And Views Together In Drupal

A gentle intro from OSTraining to using two powerful modules together to handle the layout of your markup.

How To Capture Email Addresses Using Webform And Mailchimp In Drupal 7

Show Drupal Users Their Own Content

If you are new to Views, building a list like this is a great place to start. Check out this tutorial from OSTraining.

Views Rewrites

Lynette Miles delivers a nice tutorial covering re-writing views fields in the UI on Drupal Watchdog.



Drushify is a simple code generator that creates a skeleton Drush commandfile template for the module you specify. Looks pretty sweet.

Keeping Your Content Types Tip-Top

Sally Young shares why Lullabot developed the CheckSheet module to keep their content modeling and development in sync. Pretty cool idea and worth a look.


The Site I Built With Drupal. S01E01

A nice walk through of building a basic business site in Drupal from Scott Massey(Pantheon) and Brian Lewis(Modules Unraveled).


Drupaleasy Podcast 118: Is It An Initiative Or A Thing?

Finally Ama: I Am Larry "crell" Garfied. Ask Me Whatever

Crell has a lot to say about Drupal and it's future. It's worth checking out.


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