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Issue 115 December 5th, 2013


Help Me Work On Drupal 8 Full Time

Drupal 8 core maintainer Alex Pot needs your support to continue working on Drupal 8 full time. Drupal has matured to a point where we have to support people who can work on it full time.

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Gittip, Nurturing Community & A Drupal Shop Challenge

Mike Gifford shares how OpenConcept is supporting Drupal contributors and challenges others to do the same. I hope more companies and individuals begin supporting independent Drupal contributions. This sort of direct financial support from the community avoids conflicts of interest that concern many of us.

5 Steps to Build a Great Drupal Team: Step 3: Widening Your Net

Heather James delivers again! Another great article full of advice about hiring developers. If you are creating a job listing you need to read this. And then you need to list your job in TheWeeklyDrop ;)

Intranets Built On Drupal

Managing Partner at Mediacurrent Paul Chason shares why Drupal is a great choice for your Intranet needs.

The Department of Energy’s Mobile First Strategy

This Phase2 blog post by Brad Wade has all of the buzz words! Sass, Less, Singularity, and Breakpoints! No seriously, it’s a good post.

Multi Threading Part 3: Jumping The Drupal Queue

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Field Api Series Part 4: Entity (form) Displays And Display Modes

Another great tutorial on the Field API in Drupal 8 from Kristof De Jaeger.

Drupal 8 Theming Cheatsheet

One of the students in Google Code-In 2013 has created this nifty cheatsheet.

Battleplan for Search & Solr in Drupal 8

Acquia’s Nick Veenhof shares the history of Search API and plans for Drupal 8.


Exporting and Reloading Drupal Databases with Drush

A great set of tips for dealing with your Drupal database using Drush from my colleague at Mediacurrent Damien McKenna.

How to Create a Custom Field Formatter in Drupal 8

Over on the Web Wash site Ivan Zugec walks us through creating a Drupal 8 field formatter for YouTube embedding.

Creating RSS Feeds With A Light Hand

Phase2’s Sean MacCath-Moran highlights a seldom mentioned function in Drupal core.

Best = Free: Drupal IDE Based on Latest Eclipse Release (Kepler)

Victor Kane bleeds FLOSS(free libre open source software). I love him for that. I’ve never been a fan of Eclipse but in this post Victor makes a case for trying the latest release Kepler.

Create Commerce Product Programmatically

This is just one thing you can do with entity_metadata_wrapper(). is a great site to troll for little gems like this.

Drupal Security Guide

OpenConcept Consulting is sharing a security guide full of best practices with the community.


BitTorrent Sync and Drupal - Part 1: BitTorrent Sync Powered, Headless, Drupal Photo Gallery

BitTorrent Sync is a blazing fast, free, peer to peer file syncing service. RealityLoop’s Stuart Clark has developed a Drupal module and shares a tutorial that will get you started building a sweet headless photo gallery.

Automate your Webforms with the Webform Scheduler Module

A cool module that allows you to schedule when a webform form opens and closes.

Module Monday: Protected Pages

Jeff Eaton highlights a handy module for password protecting specific pages on your site.


Video: Quickstart to testing with Behat, Mink, and Selenium

Lin Clark does a fantastic job explaining how to set up and use Behat, Mink, and Selenium for testing with BDD (behavior driven development).

Planning for Drupal Design

Dante Taylor’s talk from Drupal Camp Atlanta.


Pantheon One with Matt Cheney - Modules Unraveled Podcast


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