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Issue 112 November 14th, 2013

News D7 Upgrade Is Live: Next Steps

The Drupal Association reports on some of the issues since the upgrade of to Drupal 7.

DrupalCon Keynotes: We Want to Hear From You!

The Drupal Association wants you to share your opinions on DrupalCon keynotes.

We’re Hiring: Drupal Association CTO

This is a very interesting development and seems to signal to a higher commitment to as a platform for the community.

Your Part In Improving Drupal’s Social Media

Paul Johnson announces the Drupal social media request form. Basically, if you need to get the word out about something in Drupal land, now there’s a form to let the Drupal Association know.

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Learning PHP Development with Silex

Warning! Non-Drupal content ahead. This article by Bojan Živanović is worth reading if you want to venture outside of Drupal in a way that will profit you as a PHP developer.

Re-theming Legacy Sites

Good advice from CTI Digital on how to best approach a legacy Drupal site.

How To Structure Your Drupal Modules Directory

A good article from BeFused on module organization best practices.

Multi threading Part 2: How to Make Migrate move

Part 2 of this interesting series on multi-threaded Drush from Deeson Online.

Targeting Potential Sources Of Supporting Core Contribution

YesCT discusses many avenues of funding contributions to Drupal in this excellent blog post n

Drupal 8

Why You Should Be Excited About Drupal 8

Over on the Acquia blog Chris Shattuck of shares why he thinks we should all be excited about Drupal 8. I took some time this weekend and watched several of his new Drupal 8 videos and they are quite good.

D8 Core Developer Docs (Somewhat Radical) Proposal

A proposal to move the Drupal 8 docs to via a separate git repository.

Building An Accessibility Green Board For Drupal

This green board will allow the community to track regressions in accessibility during the run up to Drupal 8’s release. Great work from my friends at Cal State Monterey Bay and Acquia.

hechoendrupal/drupal8-links - GitHub

A great list of Drupal 8 resources.

This Week in Drupal Core: November 6, 2013

This week Alex Bronstein updates us on what has happened in the past week. Progress in documenting Drupal 8 APIs, Assetic compatibility, and Drupal 8 alpha5 targeted for November 18th.


Drupal Architecture: Leveraging Entity Reference and Views For Related Content

Nice tutorial from Danny Englander. I use this method a lot myself.


DrupalCon Twitter: Divide and Conquer

Follow the Drupal Association’s two new Twitter accounts, @DrupalConEur and @DrupalConNA.


Entity Translation Export/Import and Node Translation XML Sitemap

Netstudio announces two new translation modules. Entity Translation Export/Import and Node Translation XML sitemap.

13 Obscure Drupal Modules That You Probably Don’t Use, But Should

Zivtech’s David Hamme has a great list of modules that don’t get mentioned often enough. Be sure to check out this list.

Using “Workflow Tools” to Deploy Your Content (and Code)

Derek DeRaps introduces us to Workflow Tools in his session from DrupalCamp Atlanta.


Translation Management (TMGMT) -

Meet Top Shelf Modules - Part 1 - Acquia Podcast

ELMS with Bryan Ollendyke - Modules Unraveled Podcast


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