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Issue 110 October 31, 2013

News downtime: 31st of October 2013, 15:00 UTC (08:00am PDT)

“ will be down for approximately 24 hours during deployment. It will be replaced by a static page with a download link for the latest Drupal release available. Sub-sites will stay online, but with user logins disabled. Both and will stay online. drush make / dl will work fine, update status module as well.”

Survey Results: Drupal 8 Information Needs

Though the sample size is small(under 500) the results of this Drupal Association survey are interesting.

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Multi threading Part 1: How to make Drush Rush

John Ennew of Deeson Online shares how to make Drush multi threaded. Pretty cool stuff.

Testing, Testing, One… Two… Three…

The second installment in the Behavior Driven Development series on Drupal Watchdog.

Always Developing on Production

Greg Palmier discusses how Promet Source uses Chef and Vagrant to standardize their development across their company.

Why PHP is for Real

Though the title is a bit cheesy the article by Thijs Feryn on the Acquia blog is worth reading. As someone who writes PHP everyday hating on PHP gets a bit tiresome. Thijis has included some nice PHP facts and resources.

Drupal 8

Dynamic Routes in Drupal 8 with a RouteSubscriber

Kim Pepper walks through creating a route dynamically in Drupal 8 on the PreviousNext blog.


Making A Copy Of A Website With The Backup And Migrate Module

A nice tutorial from the Stanford Web Services Blog.

How to Control the Display of Multi-Value Fields in Drupal

Web Wash demonstrates how to use Display Suite or Views to control the display of multi-value fields.

Put Your Children In Their Place: A Drupal Debug Snippet

A nice debugging snippet from Chris Eastwood of Fuse Interactive.


Drush Staging Workflow

I had the pleasure of attending Ron Northcutt’s session at BADCamp this weekend where he talked about this workflow. Many of the things his is doing are things I’ve thought about doing but never have. There’s a lot of great stuff in the Github repo so be sure and check it out.

Lullabot/tractor - GitHub

An Angular.js project used by Lullabot for quick prototyping with HTML.


Token Insert Entity, Field Formatters, And Entity View Modes Oh Mai!

Bryan Ollendyke walks us through using token insert entity, field formatters, and entity view modes to create a very powerful workflow.


Getting Excited for Drupal 8 - The Donkey, Human, Ant, Chameleon CMS - Drupalize.Me Podcast

The Php Reality - Meet Thijs Feryn - Acquia Podcast

Drupal South 2014 with Josh Waihi - Modules Unraveled Podcast


gmap 7.x–2.8

location 7.x–3.0

bean 7.x–1.5


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