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Issue 107 October 10th, 2013


New Drupal 8 alpha target: Friday, October 18

Drupal 8 Alpha 4 is coming soon!

Introducing the IMP(Migrate Module in Core)

Work is underway to add an import API into Drupal 8 based on the Migrate module. This would make migrating from Drupal 7 or 6 much easier. This just makes sense. There is a sprint being planned for BADCamp in a few weeks.

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Drupal - Views & SQL Analogy - An Easier Way To Explain Views

Need to explain views to a developer new to Drupal? Read this.

8 Pitfalls to Avoid When Developing Content Models in Drupal

Great advice for any Drupal builder.

A Short History of Drupal Distributions

In this article for Drupal Watchdog Dries Buytaert shares the origins of Drupal distributions. If you’ve been around the Drupal community you have probably heard these stories before but it’s still a great read.

To Start An Open Source Project Or Not?

I love hearing about what motivates people to do what they do. In this post Dries shares how he answers the question, “To start an Open Source project or not”.

Virtualization and Drupal

Andy Thornton shares a few tips about running Drupal on VMware.

Drupal 8

Tutorial: Drupal 8 Site Building Preview - Less Is More

Acquia’s Heather James shares a great rundown of what has been removed from and added to Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 Won’t Kill Any Kittens: D8 Architecture Wins Discussed - Acquia Podcast

Drupal contributors Lee Rowlands, Tim Plunket, and Daniel Wehner discuss what’s going on in Drupal 8 and how you will benefit from all the new stuff in this hour long Hangout with JAM.

Drupal 8 In Pictures

Love Andrew Riley’s Drupal 8 slideshow. This is probably the fastest way to see the new UI changes to Drupal 8. Great use of animated gifs.

Content Editing Enhancements In Drupal 8

Another great post from Heather James this week!

TWIG: Getting Started in Drupal 8


Entity Caching Strategies with Drupal

Chromatic’s Adam Zimmermann covers several entity caching methods including custom caching.


State of Drupal Presentation (September 2013)

I linked to the Driesnote video already but Dries Buytaert has now shared his slides on his blog.

DrupalCon Prague Wrapup

Another nice DrupalCon post from Lullabot.


Module Monday: Content Type Groups

Jeff Eaton introduces us to the Content Type Groups module which allows admins to group content types together for organizational purposes. For complex sites with structural content types this module sounds great. It also integrates with Views and Features!

Commerce Module Tuesday: Commerce Google Analytics

Great module for any Drupal Commerce site.

How to Make Your Navigation Responsive Using Responsive Menus Module in Drupal 7

Spreading our Seed: Drupal Development Server Management for OS X

Fuse Interactive shares how to set up Seed, their Drush-based server management tool on OS X.

Introduction to Turnip

A cool install profile from OpenSourcery.


Drupal Camp Atlanta Schedule

Sessions have been selected and if you are going to be in town be sure and stay for the sprint on Sunday. Drupal Camp Atlanta is on October 19th, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. See you all there.


Quicktabs 7.x–3.6


Funding yched To Complete D8 Entity Field Api

Yves Chedemois has built and maintained CCK and Field API since Drupal 4.7. But now, because of that, his laptop is melting. Let’s make sure he’ll continue to be awesome.


Drupal Developer at Jackson River (remote)

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