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Issue 101 August 29, 2013

News 2014 Roadmap Brainstorming

If you have an idea that would improve the Drupal Association wants to hear from you. Voting and feedback closes on September 2nd.

Move Git Repositories to Github

This is an epic discussion thread so I’m linking to Webchick’s summary comment. I’m on the fence about this but if you contribute to Drupal you will want to get up to speed on this topic.

Rebuilding with Drupal 8

SensioLabs, the company behind Symfony annouced this week the move from a Silex and Wordpress based site to one built on Drupal 8. Really cool to see them jumping into the deep end of the Drupal pool.


Dogfooding our Infrastructure

In response to the discussion about the future of and talk of moving code repos to Github, Thomas Svenson makes some compelling arguments for why we should host the Drupal community infrastructure on

A Look at PHP’s Continuing Evolution

A must read from core contributor Larry Garfield in which he defends PHP and provides valuable info about it’s more “modern” features.

Drupal 8

Drupal 8: Hello, Configuration Management

Another good Drupal 8 example module tutorial.

Drupal 8 Site Install, Module Installation, Directory Layout

Mediacurrent’s Albert Volkman walks through the Drupal 8 installation in this webinar.

What Drupal 8 API Changes Are Still Outstanding?

An update from xjm on the status of Drupal 8 API’s.

Avoiding The Dead Hook Blues. Drupal 8 Core, Symfony, And More, Oh My!

Acquia’s Jeffrey A. McGuire (jam) discusses Drupal 8 core with Larry Garfield and Kris Vanderwater. This is a must watch/listen for those who care about the inner workings of Drupal 8.

Getting Your Site Ready For Drupal 8

Good advice from Moshe Weitzman.

Drupal 8 links

Came across this list of Drupal 8 resources this week from Jesus Manuel Olivas. It’s a good list.

A Drupaler in Symfony Land

Core contributor Kris Vanderwater shares his experiences digging into Symfony.

Learning Drupal 8 - A Great Way to Get Started

Danny Sipos has a good collection of Drupal 8 resources over at


Using Remote Image Files When You Develop Locally

Overriding A Template File (.tpl.php) From A Module

Jeff Geerling has written up a tutorial that I should have written a few weeks ago since had to do exactly same thing a few weeks ago. If you need to override a field collection tpl read this post.

An Introduction to Previewable Email Templates Part 2: How to Send HTML Emails using Rules


Module Monday: Workbench Moderation

Workbench Moderation is great module that makes managing content workflow easy for content managers. Jeff Eaton explains more in this post.

Better CSS / JS Aggregation with Advanced Aggregation

Damien McKenna does an excellent job explaining why you should be running the Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation module on your site.

8 Recommended Themes for Drupal Beginners

A nice list from OSTraining.


CoderDojo and Drupal: Podcast

DrupalEasy Podcast 112: One Track Mind


openacademy 7.x–1.0-beta5

Zen 7.x–5.4


Jeff Eaton, Reddit AMA

This week Jeff Eaton did a Reddit Ask Me Anything(AMA). Jeff is a big thinker in the Drupal world and had many interesting answers.


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