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Issue 100 August 22, 2013

It's crazy that I have sent out 100 of these. It seems like people enjoy reading these emails so I guess I'll keep doing it ;)

~ Bob Kepford - Editor


Community Board Elections Coming Up!

It’s that time again. If you do Drupal get involved or don’t complain about the way things are done. Yeah, I said it.

Drupal 8

Combatting Technical Debt in Drupal 8

A glass half full look at the state of Drupal 8. There has been a lot of hot drama this week about Drupal 8 with a few folks taking a step back from maintaining their core projects. If you’re concerned, just take a deep breath. People move on sometimes for different reasons. I don’t believe there is any reason for alarm. Not yet.

Drupal 8 Multilingual Tidbits 13: Much Improved Software Translation UI

Gábor Hojtsy continues to highlight the improvements to the multilingual functionality in Drupal 8.

Porting Quiz module for Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Module Development, Part 3: Plugins

A nice overview of the new Drupal 8 plugin system from Ian Whitcomb of LevelTen Interactive.

Remove Dave Reid From Most Of MAINTAINERS.txt

Remove quicksketch From MAINTAINERS.txt


Selenium IDE: Automated Testing Made Easy

I’m sure the more seasoned QA folk are familiar with Selenium IDE but if you have/get to wear the tester hat from time time check out this post from Thomas Neff of Phase2.

Multilingual Css Generated Content In Drupal

Chris Ruppel shares a cool CSS technique on the Four Kitchens blog.


Programmatically Creating Fields in Drupal 7

For those times you wanna create a field in code without the Features module. Tuck this tutorial away for a rainy day.


Lisa Welchman and Aral Balkan to Keynote DrupalCon Prague

Not familiar with Lisa Welchman but Aral Balkan is a new addition to the keynote roster and a big one.


An Introduction to Previewable Email Templates Part 1: How to Create and Preview Emails

In part one of a two part series Web Wash introduces the PET (Previewable Email Templates) module which does exactly what you think it would do. Planning to take this module for a spin.

Introducing Drupal’s Clean Markup Module

Another module trying to clean up Drupal’s default markup. Well, to be more specific, Panels. Bravo, another module I need to take for a spin.

5 Modules Allowing Drupal Users to Control Others

A nice list of User related modules from Steve Burge.

How to Manage Video Styles using Video Embed Field Module in Drupal 7

Commerce Webform

Another very cool project to report about here. This one combines the awesome sause of Webform module with the power of Commerce. If you need to sell something like tickets to an event this might be a simple way to do that.

Field Collection to Easily Re-use Drupal Fields

A good introduction to a handy module.

Drupal Multifield module preview demo - YouTube

Linking to Dave Reid’s video demo of Multifield module. This is a module to watch for sure as it is billed as a more performant alternative to the Field Collection module.


Why should I go to DrupalCon? - The Benefits Of Being There - Acquia Podcast


Commons 3.3: Brought to you by the GRAMMY Awards & the Drupal Community

Drush 6 Released, Moves to Github.

Entity 7.x–1.2


Front-End Developer (Santa Monica, CA)

Proven track record of building beautifully functional, fast & scalable websites & apps to work on websites including,, mobile apps & more. Fluent in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, programming in PHP. Drupal 7 theming preferred.

Drupal Developer/Technical Project Manager (Santa Monica, CA)

The Recording Academy (The GRAMMY Awards) is seeking two enthusiastic, talented developers to help build out the next-generation of GRAMMY-related products and platforms.

Lead Drupal Developer / Senior Drupal Developer (West Sussex)

Unipro is looking for a number of senior level developers with solid Drupal development experience. We seek solid leadership skills, a passion for coaching and teamwork together with fluency in Drupal / PHP with a strong desire for consistent self improvement.

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Announcing the /r/Drupal subreddit AMA series, starting with Jeff Eaton!

Should be interesting.


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