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Issue 10 November 23, 2011

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us here in the U.S I thought I'd get this issue out a day early. Thank you for subscribing and supporting The Weekly Drop. Enjoy!


DrupalCon Session Schedule Announced

DrupalCon will be here before we know it. 80% of the DrupalCon Denver sessions have been announced and the rest will be announced in January.

Drupal Association News: Importance of Membership

Aegir Project News - Volume #1

Mig5 gives us an update on what happening in the Aegir world.


DrupalCamp France

November 26th & 27th 2011 in Toulouse, France

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Articles & Tutorials

Installing Acquia Commons on an Amazon Web Services EC2 instance

Victor Kane gives us a nice walk through of setting up Acquia Commons on EC2.

Open Source Drupal Marks the Spot for eBay's

Nice to see Drupal getting a writeup on a high profile site like

Localized and Multi-Lingual Content in Drupal 7

What's the difference between interface and content translation? How do the two differ? How do you setup multilingual support in Drupal 7? These questions and more are answered by Karen Stevenson in her latest post on

DrupalCamp Austin goes mobile

Chris Ruppel of Four Kitchens talks about the responsive design of the DrupalCamp Austin site. A great looking site for a great event.

Practical Performance Benchmarking, and Tuning

Check out Nick Lewis' slides from Drupal Camp Austin. I wish there were video of his talk but the slides and links are worth a look. He has some good advice and humor in his slide deck.

Drush, File Permissions, Webservers, and the coming Armageddon

The title is a little dramatic but Randy Fay does bring up a real problem that has hit some of us even if we weren't aware of it. If you use Drush you should read this article.

Drupal 7's new multilingual systems (part 8)

Gábor Hojtsy talks about menu languages and translation in part 8 of his multi-part series covering Drupal's language support.


Module Monday: Views Nodes Split

Jeff Eaton delivers his weekly dose of module review goodness this week by introducing Views Nodes Split module. This module makes it easy to provide a full node view on the first result while showing teasers for the rest of the nodes.

Standalone coder review

Steven Jones' Standalone coder review module allows you to run Coder reviews via Drush on specific files. Haven't had a chance to use this yet but I can definitely put this to use.


New video courses about Drupal Commerce and Views 3

Check out Tom Geller's new videos covering Views 3 and Drupal Commerce. Great to see Drupal Commerce video courses.

Modules Unraveled

A new Drupal video site has popped up called Modules Unraveled. Looks like they are just getting started but they have videos covering the Video and Organic Groups modules.


Acquia Podcast 37: Conflict Resolution in the Drupal Community

Steve Edwards talks about conflict resolution in the Drupal community with Randy Fay and Greg Knaddison.


NodeOne: Sass + FireSass for Firebug == Theming bliss

FireSASS solves the problem of finding the line of SASS generating the CSS you select in Firebug.


Pure CSS Druplicon...

I mentioned on Twitter that we need a CSS only Druplicon and guess what, there's already one on


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